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Invictor Tactical Warsuit - Dark Angels


  • 1 Invictor Tactical Warsuit

Techniques Used

  • Airbrush

  • Contrast

  • Drybrush

  • Edge highlighting

  • Clear Resin application

To begin with we made sure the pilot wasn't glued into the cage to make painting that part much easier. The Dark Angels Green armour was done over a black undercoat and we masked off various panels during the highlighting process while working with an Airbrush. 

The weapons were also done with the airbrush and the silver metal work was done with standrad brush techniques. The Lava based invovled a heavy amount of Airbrush blending as well as the application of Green Stuff Worlds liquid resin. 

Image Gallery  

Image Gallery  

Work Done  

Video Tutorial  

Work Done  

Video Tutorial  


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