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Dark Angel Character Commission


  • 5 Primairs Space Marine Characters

  • 2 Apothercary, 2 Chaplins, 1 Librarian

Techniques Used

  • Airbrush

  • Layering

  • Wet Pallette

  • Contrast

  • Drybrush

  • Edge highlighting

This project invovled detailing up 5 characters in 3 different styles for a recently painted Dark Angels army. 

The models had to include at least some form of Dark Angel green from the previous project, which had been mainly done using an Airbrush. Utilising a Wet Pallette I was able to achieve a similar effect on a small scale. 

The Rest of the figures invovled using cream like cloaks to tie them together and to tie into the lore of the Dark Angels. 

Then 3 different armour colours were achieved, including white on the Apotheracary, Blue on the Librarian and a slight Metallic Black on the Chaplins. 

Image Gallery  

Image Gallery  

Work Done  

Video Tutorial  

Work Done  

Video Tutorial  


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