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Squighob Boyz

Building up and Airbrushing Several Squighob Boyz as part of an ongoing Ork Commission


Ork Characters and Snagga Boyz

This Project involved part building a few models so that different techniques could be applied in an attempt to get through the models easier...


Space Marine Techmarine

Another model for the Dark Angels Army Commission. Likes working on this one as it wasnt the standard green. 


Doom Guy - 3D print

This project was done to test out a 3D printer that was being used by a friend of mine. He wanted to see if standard painting techniques could be used on a 3D printed model..


Judge Dredd 3D Bust

3D Print of Judge Dredd, this model required very different skills to be used.


Rogue Trader Ork

This miniature has been painted up in a classic Games Workshop style very reminiscent of early GW work. 


Adepta Sororitas Immolator

Project involved replicating the Red Armour from the previous Sisters of Battle project onto these two Models without it looking out of place.


Invictor Tactical Warsuit - Dark Angels

To begin with we made sure the pilot wasn't glued into the cage to make painting that part much easier. The Dark Angels Green armour was done over a black undercoat and we masked off various..


Sisters of Battle Force

The project involved using a mix of metallic white and ruby ink from Green Stuff World to create the red power armour. Applied through an airbrush..


Reaver Titans - Adeptus Titanicus

These two Reaver titans are part of an ongoing Adeptus Titanicus army build and have been added to grow the 'mid section' of the force. These models were part built before undercoating with...


Dark Angel Character Commission

This project involved detailing up 5 characters in 3 different styles for a recently painted Dark Angels army. The models had to include at least some form of Dark Angel green from the previous…


Dark Angels Army

This project involved 37 standard-sized space marines and 1 Redemptor Dreadnought. The miniatures were handed to me already assembled by the client. The Green was achieved through a variety of methods…


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