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Why I'm excited for the Aeldari in 2022

For years the Eldar (Aeldari) have been somewhat neglected by Games Workshop. At times it has felt like GW didn't really care for its gangly 'Space Elf' race and were happy to let everyone steal their technology (at one point Eldar were the only ones with Grav Tanks).

But so far nearly everything I have seen regarding the upcoming Aeldari releases has got me excited to play Eldar once again. And for once, I might be able to retire some ageing models that are more than 25 YEARS OLD

Back of the Original Box of Rogue Trader Harlequins

My love for "The Pointy Ear'd Bastards" started well back in the Rogue Trader era of Warhammer 40k with a box set of metal (lead) Harlequins that I painted with 6 hobby paints. And no I didn't have any silver, you just didn't paint the weapons and left the bare metal showing.

When I properly got into the hobby would have been the start of the second edition of the game. Here is where I added the likes of Maugan Ra and Baharroth

Baharroth, the Swooping Hawk lord

to my fledgeling force. When I could afford it of course. My parents wouldn't let me get these 'stupid toys' for Christmas or Birthdays.

And in some instances, this was the last time Eldar had major releases.

Flash forward 40 years and we are (finally) getting some new models and in Plastic (down with crap cast). Yes some have complained about the new Dark Reapers and I can understand their frustrations, but anything ANYTHING is better than soft models with druppy weapons.

The Avatar is one of the models I am looking forward to the most, and I will be kitting it with classic top knot and sword. It just looks the part, and lets be fair fellow Eldar Players, we have been wanting an Avatar that big since the first Dawn of War game.

New Eldar Avatar Model


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