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Why do New Adepta Sororitas models have terrible faces?

If you don't already know Games Workshop has shown us another upcoming Sisters of Battle models in the form of Sister Aestred Thurga.

Battle Sister Aestred Thurga

Now I can only assume that with this particular character having a dedicated name then we are looking at a future Special Character for the Adepta Sororitas. Its a shame she has Derp face.

Seriously what is wrong with GW's design team when it comes to doing faces on Sister of Battle models?

Female Genestealer cult Magos

Games Workshop can produce good faces on female models.

The Genestealer Cult Magos doesn't have a face like a potato nor does the BellaDonna figure from forge world.

I get that there was a backlash against pictures and figures that went against female body standards, but this is fantasy, where all Men have 6 packs and everyone is 7 feet tall, fine to cover up the bodies and stop with the 'boob' armour, but at least give us a movie quality face.

She looks so much like Dwayne Dibly its not even funny.

Red Dwarf Dwayne Dibly

Lets just hope that she doesn't perform like him on the battlefield.

The takeaway from this is at least GW is giving us quite a lot of new figures for Sororitas and with me recently expanding my army then I welcome the additions, just hope they stand up to the quality of the models made for the poster boys.


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