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What we're hoping for from Space Marine 2

Space Marine 2 is on its way after many many years. One of my fav games on the Xbox 360 I enjoyed the pure carnage that the single-player brought. I missed that type of mindless advancement with near-superhuman abilities, mowing down foes with the Power Axe, jumping and plunging down with the Thunder Hammer and scattering groups of foes. It was fun to be a Space Marine.

So what am I hoping for with this upcoming game?

Good Cinematic

Space Marine 2, Marine V Tyranids

For me, one of the great aspects of the first Space Marine game was the cinematics and how they were acted out. Mark Stong's voice displayed great weight when playing Captain Titus and I'm hoping for a return to form. Think fans would be very disappointed if they don't push the boat out for Mark.

Although thankfully we won't be having Typical Ork voices in this edition...well I hope not.


One of the great aspects of the game was the ultimate carnage it could bring. Swinging Axe's and chainswords to clear a swarm, rapid-firing bolters into groups as you charge headlong into combat.

Released 5 years before Doom (2016) it was a game where you could release the days stress on the aliens of the other world. The story wasn't overly complicated and allowed you to simply BE a space marine, even cover couldn't stop you.

Also plummeting headlong with Hammer in hand was tremendous fun.


As I belong to a large wargaming group pretty much all of our 40k players bought this game. Luckily we all had 360's and had some great multiplayer experiences, especially with the 'hoard' mode. The hoard mode was HARD and required some great teamwork to get through a lot of the levels.

The 8 v 8 Marines v Chaos Marines was quite entertaining. It relied on really good terrain layouts with opportunities to infiltrate or attack a head on front. 8 players aside with respawning made it feel like a conflict, much more than other games at the time.

Let's hope they don't screw this up. I'm looking forward to new features being added and praying to the God-Emperor that a change of studios doesn't kill the game. Dawn of War 3 anybody??


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