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What Games Workshop isn't telling us about Aeldari Battle Focus

GW has been sharing a lot as of late from the upcoming Craftworld Codex. Its had a fine time showing us the good things but seems to be skimming the truth about what the future rules might actually look like.

We have come across a leak (there is always leaks) that tells a slightly different story about battle focus. Check out what it states at the bottom of the picture.

Full battle focus rules for Aeldari Codex 2022

As you can see from the bottom line, you have to -3" when shifting through AREA terrain. So dipping in and out of those ruins, you can forget about it.

This feels like a harsh blow to us Eldar Players. Unable to shift through area terrain quickly, well, what's the actual point? I honestly feel like someone has sold me a bill of goods and not told me about those hidden terms and conditions. Serious GW, why not show us all the rules??


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