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Warmaster Battle Titan, just isn't a Imperator though is it

Warmaster Battle Titan box

On the weekend Games Workshop released the Pre-Order for the Warmaster Battle Titan. Bigger then the Warlord and packing immense plasma firepower with missiles, shoulder cannons and weapons in the knee it will make for a impressive site on any battlefield.

But I cant help but wonder if GW missed the mark with this model

Warmaster Battle Titan

Imperator Titan

The Warmaster Titan has some striking similarities to the Imperator Titan that once graced the battlefields of the Epic (or Space Marine) game system.

Dont get my wrong I get it, new model that fills a gap between a Warlord and Imperator = more sales. But im not drawn to purchase one, especially with a price tag of £95.

Adeptus Titanicus is a great game, but its recommended to play this on a 4' by 4' table. Having mass weapons range isnt going to do it any good and having a high points game can just clutter the game board, not to mention the amount of side sheets you would require to keep track of all your titans. Because of this, its a model I really wont be purchasing straight away.

Now if GW had released an Imperator my nostalgia nerve would be activated and I would be scrambling to purchase 1, even if I wasnt going to use it!!.

This Nostalgia effect, especially upon older folks that seem to want to rekindle their youth by purchasing toys from their past seems a little lost on GW.

I don't think they get it, and I'm not sure, with the current group that is working in the upper echelons of the company, they ever will.

Oh well, at least I can look forward to this $700 G1 automictically transforming, voice operated Optimus Prime featuring the voice of Peter Cullen to keep my Nosalgia nerve tingling for now.


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