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Warhammer Preview Review: Looking at 40k and Necromunda.

GW has dropped its weekend preview and has dropped a few things for us to look at, droll, or get down right angry with (more on that later), but first lets look at some of the new stuff from Necromunda.


Now for those too young to remember the 'Redemptionists' outlaw gang from the OG Necromunda game they would be best discribed as THEE MOST ANNOYING GAME TO FIGHT IN THE UNDERHIVE!!!. This was mainly due to the abundance of flamers they could seemingly attach to any weapon they carried, and in a game where the majority of the time you needed 6's to hit, having a whole gang with auto hitting flamers was pretty devastating.

Now my old grudges aside, I'm pleased that this team has made come back. They seem to have been added to the existing Cawdor gang and the rules for these guys can be found in the upcoming House of Faith book which is an expansion of sorts for the Cawdor gang. Now myself I wont be playing these but I know a man who will, so hopefully you'll see these on my channel very soon.


Now onto an unfortunately disappointing new starter set for Necromunda. This in essence feels like a HUGE downgrade to previous starter sets by GW. It still has two starting gangs and all your tokens and dice, but what's highly disappointing is the playing table. We have played Nercomunda on a variety of different playing fields and types and one thing is always certain with that game, you need space. The board given to you is barely bigger then a single Zone Mortalis tile, its tiny and highly disappointing. If they had released this as a cheap (well cheap for Workshop) starter set with say one sprue of each gange making up 5 models each then I could have understood it. But 20 models on a playing field that's looks to be no more then 12inch by 18inch is very laughable.

Also the inclusion of the Esher gang AGAIN as some of the starters isn't winning any point here with me. It feels very lack lustre. Not something I would recommend you purchase.


So GW has finally got around to another army that needs a proper update, the Adeptus Mechanicus!

The new model that was showcased to accompany the new book was the NEW Skitarii Marshal, which is being toted a Lieutenant of sorts for the Mechanicus armies. Games Workshop are currently doing this a lot with other forces, we are seeing a new HQ for the Adepta Sororitas coming with the new Palatine that is set to come with Piety and Pain box set (at the time of writing, that set was sold out online).

On the online Twitch stream it was mentioned that the Adeptus Mechanicus was going to be 'up gunned' in this edition of the codex, in similar lines to how other Imperial forces were when Codex Space Marines came out. Which that comment alone did make me a little uneasy. The game currently is extremely deadly, more so then previous editions, which can make it a very 'unfun' game in certain circumstances. Given us terrain rules to sort of nulify that effect, only to give boosts to everything really undermines what was achieved when the new rule book came out.

Lets just hope they don't codex creep this book too much. But hay, its GW, unfortunately it seems to be what they currently do.


So next up is the new tank for the Adepta Soroitas which is you were following the comments on the Twitch stream caused alot of people to yell out 'New Predator'.

To me, this tank is like a squat Leman Russ Battle Tank for power armoured troops. Currently only two turret options are available, a Battlecannon and Twin Autocannon (more points for 'Like a Russ') and the three heavy bolter options will be non negotiable. You will HAVE to take those options which is a little disappointing.

New Space Marine vehicles that have recently been released have come out with a TON of guns on them, or, like the Gladiator or Storm Speeder, have at least three different options to chose from. This is being toted as the Sisters 'Mainline battle tank' but without a host of variety id rather stick with the Exorcist and Immolators. At least the transport has multiple options.

Side note, I do think its one of the better looking vehicles that GW has released in a while. It has tracks for a start


One of the last new models showcased by GW was an Ork (spelt with a K for SPACE) riding a new kind of squig

Now with the previous entry, the sisters tank, I was getting all excited like a kid at Christmas, only to have my hopes dashed when they revealed what had happened to the old Space Marine Predators. With this entry I had a slight wave of nostalgia, I was thinking oh wow, they are bringing proper snakebite Orks back, it might even be a feral Ork sub faction, finally something new for Xenos players. Oh here it comes, get ready........and......WHAT THE HELL IS A BEAST SNAGGA?? Thats not a Boarboy?

GW have certainly missed the mark when it come to these models and the whole nostalgia trip they could have given a lot of older fans by updating something we have not really seen properly since the second edition of Warhammer 40k!!

I think quite a few were expecting a 40k equivalent of the Gore-gruntas and to be honest, so was I.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Ork player, but I do play against Orks and I like tripping back into my past at times and seeing updated version of old classics, this is why I have a Genestealer Cult Army.

The abomination above is not tripping back to my past. More like a really bad acid drop. Hopefully when some rules come out we see some amazing conversations from the 40k community.


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