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Warhammer + is two months old. Is it worth it?

As I write this Warhammer +, the premium subscription service from Games Workshop is two months old and I've only just got access to the army builder that I should have had from day 1 with my app.

Sigh, will GW ever get anything digital right?

Two months, still no real content.

As we hit the two-month mark the only real series is the Angels of Death that for some reason had a weekly release as if GW was some sort of Disney + juggernaut, the problem is is that they didn't have any other content to distract you while you waited a week.

Battle report wise we have about 6 games all told, 3 Warhammer 40k, 1 Kill Team and 2 Age of Sigmar. My issue with these is that they are not great watches. Most of the action is breezed past and while it has the production quality it doesn't have any fun atmosphere like most YouTube battle reports include. No proper banter or back and forth between the host and guest, no real important dice rolls, it's like someone is simply telling me every dice roll instead of showing it to me. The Constant music in the background makes it feel like one of those cheap American programs you sometimes get on obscure tv channels in the uk

(apologies to those reading in America)

And please do not get me started on how dull the host can be. He may come across as smiling and happy but he really has no umpth in his voice at all and always sounds like you are reading from a very stunted script. Honestly, I much prefer the lady That does the painting tutorials as she sounds more enthusiastic and less scripted than he does. Even with her accent and a slight lisp.

But what about Hammer and Bolter? I hear you cry

Hammer and bolter are short cartoons that don’t really have a place on a paid-for streaming platform. They belong primarily on a YouTube channel that is free to access. I honestly think Games Workshop would benefit more greatly by having these cartoons free for all to see. The animation quality he’s not something you should be paying for and it is obvious that these are simply larger fan-made projects. Yes, Games Workshop has now acquired the artist That did the Astartes project, but that took him several years to complete.

All in all Warhammer + is a very poor service currently and to be completely honest I would wait before purchasing a subscription. Don’t get me wrong I purchased a year's worth but at the end of the day I am a content creator and I need to keep on top of things. If it wasn’t for this I would have cancelled my monthly subscription by now and waited for more content to actually show up.

For me, don't purchase this product just yet. It simply isn't worth it.


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