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Warhammer Fest Day 5

So I'm a little late in my update from the Warhammer Fest weekend due to real life commitments, but all in all it was a pretty packed week for Warhammer 40000 fans.


Beast Snagga Orks

Beast Snagga Orks Box Set

New Orks are on their way. We've already been shown the Squig riders (SHOULD still be boar boyz in my humble opinion) but they are showing new boyz models and these guys look good.

They are a definite improvement on the current boyz set and I can see many getting these figures to use as normal boyz units. They are quite stunning and I may even get myself some just to paint.

The New Beast Snagga Orks

Now the best thing, for me, that has come from this is Zodgrod Wortsnagga.

Zodgrod Wortsnagga's New Model from Games Workshop

I remember this GIT when playing against one of my friends way back in 2nd Edition Warhammer 40k. Model was a little different but still messing with his Gretchin. I can see him 'poping' up in some of my future battle reports. Especially against Will.

New Ork Codex 2021

Now this box set is going to include the new Ork Codex, which to me means that this is one many books that seem to be steamrollering our way. New Sisters, Orks and Mechanicus have all been mentioned in swift short order, which could mean several weeks of 40k pre-orders.

Im awaiting some rumours on what we will see in this new book. We may see other new modesl, as well as the new Warboss in Mega Armour which has finally got a model after all these years.


Upgraded Cadian Shock Troops

Now, everybody is starting to get new troops and new models which is great, but what about those armies that don't have any imminent new codex or range to be released??

Well fear not, we will start by giving you Imperial Guard players (Astra Militarum) some new....bits.

New Astra Militarum Heads sprue 2021
New Astra Militarum Weapons

So a couple of extra bits for Guard armies. Including some special weapons. Now don't get me wrong, you've been able to get Guard special weps on the command sprue for ages, but the alternative heads will at least make making veteran squads so much easier, but im wondering if you will have to buy new or will you be able to get these as stand alone packs??

I don't think it will be long before my own questions are answered by GW. Fingers crossed for separate Cadian Sprues as I've got a crap load of plastic that (finally) need assembling and these additions will make it easier to paint.


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