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Warhammer Fest 40k Stuff, day 3 and 4.

I know I missed day 1, but that is mainly due to the fact I don't play Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Except Blood Bowl, I do love a good game of Blood Bowl). Day 2 was a little disappointing and I thought day 4 was more 40k....

Well it isn't, its box sets today (weird way to say 'Specialist Games') so I was interested in whether we will see some Necromunda stuff. And I wasn't disappointed.


Gaunt's Ghosts

But first Im going to look at the Models that have come out for Gaunt's Ghosts. Now I had some of the original metal models that came out back in 2002. These came in a lovely 6 model box set and you could purchase more figures in blisters to expand your range.

Metal Gaunt's Ghost Models

Now I never had an army of Tanith, mainly because it was really expensive to do so and they never really brought out a proper range for them.

The new plastics of course are highly detailed and bigger then the originals, all the models are of the main characters from the first few books and they do look fantastic.

New Plastic Gaunt's Ghosts by Games Workshop

Don't get me wrong, it would be difficult to make an army out of these, but having a kill Team with these guys would be really fun to do. Well done Warhammer Fest, I now have something to look forward to.


Necromunda : House of Shadow

Nice, another Necromunda book has been released detailing extra units for the Delaque. My personal issue with this is that, with all the games that's about, I haven't had time to get more then 4 games done with my Esher so I doubt I will get around to adding some of the extra models that came out ages ago.

That being said I am interested in these models

New Delaque Models 2021
New Delque Models for Necromunda

I can imagine my good friend Craig wanting to add these to his gang, so I'll get to paint some eventually, but I cant help but look at these models and think they would make some excellent alternatives for different Genestealer Cult Characters.

Watch this space.


Aeronautica Imperialis : Wrath of Angels

Now, I do own the original box set of Aeronautica and was contemplating selling the set, but now this box is coming out with my fav race Aeldari I tempted to try and get my beloved Girlfriend to get into the game.

New Aeronautica boxed set game

The Eldar Nightwing models look great and are very similar to the original forge world models that came out oh so many years ago.

Nightwing fighters for Eldar

And yes, the Marine ones look good as well

Space Marine Epic Fighters

I wouldn't have guessed that I would be more excited for the Boxed set release then I was for the 40k releases. The Necromunda and Aeronuatica releases will defiantly be something that I will be purchasing when they come out.

Well done GW.

Looking forward to Friday.


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