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Warhammer Animation...WTF was that preview?

I know I'm a little late in writing this, but my weekend was frantic and I simply didn't get a chance to update this site with the information on the latest.

So...what happened Saturday?

Initially, we were all promised some fantastic previews of the upcoming Games Workshop animation. GW has been gobbling up small artists from YouTube and putting them under this Animation banner with the hopes of bringing us...well...animation.

The problem I have with this is that GW promised us animation (in the form of the Angels of Death) in 2019...Which never materialised, and has now being showcased for Warhammer +


What the Fuck is Warhammer + ??

This, from what I can tell, is going to be a 'Netflix' of Warhammer content. Now during the preview, we are told it will be coming in June, but no price was mentioned, probably because the Twitch Stream Community would have shit all over it.

We are shown 'Previews' of upcoming Animated projects, these previews are a logo, with a voice-over. How the actual Fuck is that a preview??

It was possibly the worst reveal or preview of anything I have ever come across. I honestly wanted my hour of life back it was that pathetic. The two commentators were trying their best to be hyped for these voiceovers but none of it came through the screen.

And how can you launch a Netflix if you only have one or two shows to push it with? Jesus GW what is with your marketing department? A few years ago you guys were hitting it on all cylinders, you were giving us classic games and miniatures we wanted to buy, but currently, it's as if you no longer know your arse from your elbow. Has all this extra revenue made you think you can do no wrong??

I for one will wait before purchasing this Warhammer + as their track record with Apps and other such items really fall's short. The Battle Forge app STILL has issues and pales in comparison to Battle Scribe which doesn't cost you per month to use.

Rant over. That Preview really wasn't worth anybody's time.


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