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Warhammer 40k, what if? battles

The Mission

My local wargaming club regularly meets up on Monday evenings and all day on Saturdays, this Monday I had a game of Adeptus Titanicus scheduled against my old enemy/best friend Gill. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring a case that contained most of his titans.

Normally this would mean a problem in having our game, except Gill was able to make a near-total 2000pts of knights baked by two Warlord titans. Normally this would give him a bit of a problem tactically, except we improvised. I decided to take a total Titan force with no knight support, so we could see what would happen.

Adeptus Titanicus game in progress

The game ended up being one of the best games we have had for a while. The complete randomness of the 'what if' scenario, taking two forces that were not competitive in any way and sticking them in a competitive scenario led to a fantastic game.

This brought back memories, I use to do this all the time, especially back in the days of 5th edition. What would happen if you used only Terminator armour? What if you only used Guard conscripts, or how about Assault Marines taking on an Ork Gretchin army? These types of games are what brought me into the 40k universe in the first place.

This got me thinking about what missions I could conjure up with different forces, so I thought I would give one out here, and will probably put some more out in the coming weeks.



Before major conflicts, Imperial forces will deploy strike teams of Astartes to take out the command structures or important installations the enemy is using. Scout teams will hit hard and fast and retreat back before the larger groups could assemble.


Orks : 20 power level force (Unbound Army). The only units you are allowed to take are Painboyz, Runtherd's, Any Big Mek units and Gretchin squads.

Space Marines : 20 power level force (Unbound Army). Only units that can be taken are Scout Squads, Incursor Squads, Infiltrator Squads


44"x 60" board with some Ork buildings, a smattering of ruins and obscuring piles of rubble, maybe some trees and low walls. Try to make it look like an Ork stronghold or Mek workshop.


Orks are the defender. Space Marines are off the board.

Deployment Zone


The main objective is to take out the enemy. Each unit wiped out is worth its own power level in victory points.

First Turn

Space Marine player has the first turn in the game. All of the Marine units deploy using the rules for Reinforcements during the first turn of the game.

Game Special Rules

Grot Workers : In each Ork command phase roll a D6 for each understrength Gretchin unit and add that many Gretchin back to the squad (to its starting max level).

Battle forge : Both armies count as 'Battle Forged' for the purposes of army rules.

Starting CP's : Both sides start the game with 3 command points.

Game Notes

The idea behind this game is to show a small scouting force hit a Mek workshop/Ork base/Painboy hospital before a larger battle takes place, or even a hit behind enemy lines while the big fight takes place elsewhere. The 'Grot Workers' rule is a bit of a fluffy rule, I can imagine lots of grots roaming around doing odd tasks when the marine show up, and they either flee or join the fight. The larger battlefield is to allow for a more hit-and-run style game with units going back and forth and forces trying to react to the changing game with flexible movement. All in all the marine player will probably score some points early on, but once he's lost a squad or two the tables could easily turn.


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