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Upcoming Warhammer 40k stuff!

Warhammer Fest 2021 is now into its second day with the first day introducing new Gods to the Age of Sigmar universe, but if anybody knows my channel and website, its all about the 4-0-k.

So this Post is going to be my reactions to what I witnessed live from the Warhammer Fest video showcase. All my views in this post will be my own and at times will be barbed with scorn and distain, so lets begin.


War Zone Charadon Act 2

First off we have War Zone Charadon Act 2, which is continuing on from where the last book left off...apparently.

This book will be containing some more rules for the Death Guard and Legio Metallica as they continue to battle each other over the world of Iron and by doing so have drawn additional elements into the War.

The book will contain the rules for Be'lakor in 40k as well as expanding the Armies of Renown with a 'new' army of having Chaos Marines and....wait for it......Chaos Daemons together!!.

Jesus, sometimes I really do wonder where they manage to find these presenters, or I may have just been playing this game for way too many years and still remember a glorious time of Chaos Marines and Daemons existing very happily together oh so long ago.

I've not had chance to get a read on the last War Zone book, so I'm not really up on what these armies of renown are really all about, but if having Chaos Marines and Daemons together without having to create Narrative games with a reason they will fight together, then I'm all in.

Now while other armies were mentioned to take part in this War Zone my ears only really picked up when the Adepta Sororitas was mentioned. But while mentioning them they also confused me.

Lots of new units are coming for the Battle Sisters which makes me giddy inside for once as its not SPACE MARINES SPACE MARINES all the time. Including a mention of a High Lord of Terra taking to the field.


Morveen Vahl

Morvenn Vahl is the Abbess Sanctorum of the Adepta Sororitas and is kitted out in one of the new Paragon Warsuits, which we saw a glimpse of not so many moons ago. Now they didn't really show a picture of the face up close this time, so I couldn't tell if it had been sculpted out of a potato or not, but she comes with a helmet just in case.

Welding a Custodes given spear and special heavy bolter it seems she's going to be a tough cookie on the battlefield, especially if accompanied by several Paragon War suit units.

Now these remind me of the Grey Knight baby carriers which the internet loved to rip into several years ago,

At least it may give my Sisters of Battle some additional punch, and I play Bloody Rose so combat away!!.

We also got to see the battle tank again (now we know where the Rhino kit is going) as well as some of the Characters that have already been showcased through GW's Model Mondays. They did introduce a variant of the new Celestian Sacresants which are coming equipped with a Mace, no rules really mentioned but at least we know the plastic kits will come equipped with 8 ton of parts you will never be able to use. Think its magnet time.


Now it was about here that I got a little confused. They had been going on about these extra Sister units pretty much in the same breath as taking about War Zone Act 2, when they stated 'look what's coming'

New Adepta Sororitas Codex

So I was then left wondering, what is actually going to be in War Zone Act 2 if all of these units will be in the New Sisters of Battle Codex? We were then given a video from Stu Black that basically (my favourite word) reiterated everything 'Chaz and Dave' had already told us about the new upcoming range.

Oh and they kept banging on about 'Crusade' as well, which made me go into a slight coma while they talked.

Sorry Narrative is still better.


Battlezone : Mechanicus, Charadon

Something of note to mention was a 'new' terrain kit that was coming out, which was just the Sector Mechanicus terrain bundled into a new pack for that Instant battlefield feel.

Is it me or does this terrain always feel like its missing bits? like these are the extras you scatter over some actual terrain. I dunno, think I'm not a fan of the Mechanicus terrain pieces unless I'm playing Kill Team or Necromunda.


And that was it. All in all, apart from one new model it was just over 40mins of shit. I was genuinely excited to see what was coming out, but it was like seeing a preview, when you'd already been shown all the teaser previews weeks before. Oh well, I think the next batch of 40k is Thursday so I will try and build up some excitement for then.

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