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The Exodite, Second Episode Review

So, finally, the second episode of The Exodite has dropped on Warhammer + and I apologise for not reviewing it sooner (although I did watch it on the day of release). I'm still baffled by the delay but hopefully, it has been worth it.

In my previous review (found here) I talked about how the animation was superb and was only surpassed by Astartes and the music really helped with the atmosphere of the episode, lets hope they can continue this trend.

Please be aware, there will be spoilers ahead

We open on a scene that pretty much replicates one of the ending scenes from Saving Private Ryan, where Tom Hanks's character shoots ineffectively at an oncoming German Tank before it is blown to smithereens by an overhead aircraft.

Tau coping a saving private ryan moment

I really did think there were going to recreate this scene and I'm glad they didn't. Paying homage to something is great, but it felt like it was simply going to rip it off.

Alas, the poor Tau gets crushed by the oncoming tanks' treads.

So far so good. The Animation is on point and is a grim way to open up the episode.

Next, we are greeted by an ongoing battle scene between Death Corp's and Tau. This scene seemed a little clunky to me. Some of the Animations on the people felt a little old-style computer game CGI and contrasted quite heavily to what had come in the previous episode. Also, the tank explosions felt a little....lacklustre. I get that they might be trying to get a more realistic tone with this, but I would have thought a rail gun shot into a Leman Russ would have had a bit more bang and noise.

Tau rail gun shot hitting a Leman Russ Battle Tank

Now, I do want to talk about the Titans in this episode. They are large and have scale, but again I'm not finding the right noise coming through regarding the shear weight and destructive capability of such a powerful unit. I also think the Volcano Cannons were not done very well. To say that this is one of the most powerful weapons in both Warhammer 40k and Adeptus Titanicus it felt like a very poor beam weapon against the approaching Tau Battlesuit.

Warlord Titan moving to engage tau forces

The Battlesuits themselves seemed to be having the same animation problems as the previous Tau Warriors, where their movements didn't feel right and felt like early 2000's computer game CGI.

Now it isn't all bad. The voices are coming through clear and the words seem to have purpose and meaning, well to me anyway. My favourite line has to be "Fire burns when it needs to" when talking about conserving energy. I just thought this was a wonderful line and very apt for the situation they found themselves in.

Tau stealth suits engaged in conversation

The next main situation we find ourselves in was when the stealth suits take out a bunch of Guard in short order, thinking themselves to have the upper hand the Eldar Exodite takes a couple of them out in pretty short order with Rifle and Blade. This scene was a little dark for my liking as if the shadow was to cover up some failing, I also nearly laughed at the term "The Greater Good" and could only think of Hot Fuzz when they repeatably stated it


The Episode ends with another of the stealth suits being clubbed to death by not so dead guardsmen. Now my only disappointment with this scene was the complete lack of a shovel. The scene involves a mace, which I get, but I would have much prefered a Death Corp of Krieg shovel attack :)

In essence, this episode felt like a bit of a filler ep or stop gap before we get to something a bit juicier. It wasn't the longest episode and felt really slow in its pacing, with the animation missteps I'm glad this wasn't the first episode we saw as I might have been less enthusiastic to continue watching.

Let's hope Ep3 brings a little bit of my faith back.


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