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The Exodite part 3 - Review

A little late in my review of Part 3 for which I apologise, I did watch it as it came out but work has been busy as of late and unfortunately it has meant my mini review of the episode has had to go on the back burner for a bit.

But here it is, my look into the 3rd episode of the Exodite Series.

Please be warned, Spoilers ahead

Tau taking fire from Rough Riders

After a quick introduction by Mr Crabs (the Legendary Clancy Brown) we see one of the Stealth team taking fire from what appears to be Rough Riders standing in the background. Why Rough Riders are standing around firing pistols is unclear, but these two unfortunates are eliminated by a searing beam from Shas'vre Lako'ma's Fusion Blaster (I think its a Fusion Blaster). Not sure why it was Rough Riders and not just some Guardsmen as the unit didn't seem to react like it's tactics suggest, but that's what we got.

The animation is currently holding up except when it comes to the Exodites face. It always seems a little low res, and I'm unsure as to why.

Lako'ma then continues the hunt without her comrade as he will buy her some time. When she locates the Exodite (Called Kelseth) he welcomes her by acknowledging her rank. I like this scene, in much Sci-Fi races always seem to be able to speak each other's language and although the Tau isn't shocked by the Aeldari speaking her language she does state that he is speaking it.

Exodite looking at the Tau

His response however really made my day. It had all the usual arrogance you would associate with 'Elfs' (Don't forget the Eldar are effectively space Elves) and told Kurgan (Clancy) really puts a hint of, what I would assume to be, boredom in Kelseth voice. He then takes apart their belief system with some simple statements which the Tau has to defend. This conversation is a little long and not much action, and at times the Aeldari looks like he's about to strike a T pose.

Its here that the animation on the Aeldari is beginning to come through pretty poor. The Backgrounds and Tau armour look amazing, but every now and again something just seems off, and it happens most with the Exodite character.

A small little fight follows with the Exodite seeming to deal with the Tau quite easily with little fanfare (they are terrible at combat so I'll let that one slide). The knife to Lako'ma's face meer inches from her face was a nice touch.

Eldar Phantom Titans

Its here that the Webway gate opens and out stomps two Phantom Titans. The colours and snake emblems would suggest that these belong to the Saim-Hann craftworld. Lako'ma is now getting mad in a, well, not very well constructed piece where she seems to get mad. Then she might be screaming, then she IS screaming but with very poor audio as she charges into the Exodite and knocks them both into the webway portal.

face of the Exodite

Our next scene shows the Exodite in conversation with a Harlequin Shadowseer and while the Shadowseer looks fine the choice of voice is very poor. What am I listening too? also this is where the animation, which has been hit and miss in this episode, gets ropey as hell when the Exodite talks back. It looks like some back late 90's PC game CGI. Faces have obviously been an incredible weak point for this animation team and I do feel like they may have been forced to rush this by GW.

The only parts that were enjoyable to me in this scene was the awesome 80's Eldar retro hairdo sported by our protagonist and how the Phantom Titan moved and sliced through the Warlords leg armour (although even in game something like that would be hard to do).

Slicing the leg of a Warlord Titan

The episode end with Lako'ma looking upon Commorragh, the Dark City, with a Death Jester laughing at her. I could be wrong on the location, and if I am please let me know below. This, like most GW stories currently, leaves it open to a possible sequel or to even leave the story in ambiguity as most stories tend to not end in Warhammer 40000.

the Tau looking upon Commorragh

Was watching the series worth it? I think GW personally should have let this project have some proper time to finish off the animation. There is some obvious failings with this series and it took way too long to come out.

Was it worth watching? If your curious then get Warhammer+ for a month, blitz everything on there including this and un-subscribe and wait for more worthy content.


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