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The Exodite, first episode review.

So Warhammer TV is finally putting out a new episodic series as a replacement to Angels of Death. This series is called Exodite...despite being about the Tau (more on that later) which is frankly about time. Warhammer TV is pretty bare and doesn't have a lot to offer currently when you compare the monthly price to other subscriptions services.

Tau vessels in space, clip from the new Exodite series

Now please be aware I may give away spoilers so if you don't want to know what happens in the episode then please stop reading now, go watch it, and come back to me here.

So the story starts with a beautifully animated space sequence with music that feels straight out of an epic anime, very Ghost in the Shell (Aminated) feel to it.

And yes the animation is superb in this, only Astartes is better quality. If the whole series has this quality to it then I'm excited about future episodes.

We are given a voice-over by a guy that sounds just like Clancy Brown (at the time of writing this I can't find anything to confirm this) who tells us about lessons from the past, tragedy and upstart empires.

tau talking to commanders, clip from the new Exodite series

The story is that the Imperium and Tau are currently at war with each other and the Tau intends to stop the conflict from spreading further. We focus on a new Shas'Vre after seeing a flashback of her previous Shas'Vre being taken out, this is perfectly timed with the voice over.

More music and perfect animation accompany this. Honestly, I can't get over how the animation is. After some disappointing animation from Hammer and Bolter and Angels of Death not really being my cup of tea I'm pleased with what we have here.

Now let me talk a little about the voice acting. We have...accents, which I can only describe as being oriental in nature, Tau has always been a little, Japanise inspired but this, for me at least, takes it a little far. I would have much preferred a mix.

Tau and Imperial Fleets engage, clip from the new Exodite series

As the Tau and Imperial fleets start to engage (note that the Tau ships shields are holding against Imperial Crusiers, if you've ever played Battlefleet Gothic, you know those Tau ships are going down) we learn that an Aeldari is killing both Imperial commanders and Tau Emerseries in order to keep both sides fighting.

This was a bit of a revelation for me, being one of the 'old guard' an Exodite is an Eldar outcast, and to see that they are actually in this is calming to my soul.

The Tau stealth suit team is descending upon the planet below to take care of the Aeldari that is causing all this chaos, and the Clancy Brown like voice kicks in again, and it's here that we learn that the voice belongs to the Eldar Exodite.

Eldar Exodite, , clip from the new Exodite series

And wow, what an episode. The animation I cannot fault, the space battle scene felt like something from a big-budget Sci-Fi and my only fault pick is some of the voice acting. Other than that I loved this, and cant wait for next weeks episode to be released.

Let me know your thoughts below.


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