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The Eldar (Aeldari) Rumours

With GW sharing a nice looking future release featuring Chaos and Craftworld Aeldari this Christmas morning I though I would take a bit of a dive into the supposed rumours of what the future hold for the pointy eared ones

Craftworld Aeldari take on Chaos Space marines

Rangers, Dire Avengers and Warlocks all moving to elite

I welcome the change for warlocks, but not Dires and Rangers. Unless we see some different rules being added for different Craftworld that make certain units troops, the elite section in an Eldar force is already overcrowded.

Aspect Warriors to get 5+ invun and an extra attack

About time the core of the Eldar army gets a little more survivable. The way you hold objectives in this new game makes it very difficult to get a win for an Eldar player, unless your packing a lot of expensive Wraithguard units.

Shuriken Catapult is now 18inch range with a standard -1 (6’s still at -3)

With every other army getting weapon buffs and more -1 moving around this is a welcome addition. It will also still be assault 2. Although with all these extra ranges, why have they made the board smaller?

Craftworlds to gain Miracle dice (?)

Apparently they will get a system very similar to the sisters of battle, which will be called ‘Strands of Fate’ although very little on how it would work has been revealed.

Wraithguard get buffed

  • -1D to incoming damage

  • Can shoot into melee

  • Axe is flat 2D and no longer - 1 to hit

  • Wraithcannons are 18inch with d3+3 damage and mortal wounds on 6 to wound.

  • D-scythes loss auto hit, but gain blast, 12inch range and mortal wounds on a 6

  • Forceshield to act the same as Imperial Storm shield

Some very nice buffs for the Wraithguard. We will see at what cost they come at.

Wave Serpents are now 5+ invun as well as 4+ only to wound Due to serpent shield.

if that is correct then you can see my sword wind fielding a lot more of my Waves (I have 9 in total)

So that’s pretty much all I could find that I found interesting within the world of the Aeldari. I’ll leave all the photos under here in a gallery as there is some I didn’t explore.

hope folks are having a great Christmas. Let’s hope a lot of these come true without too much of a cost increase.


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