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Tau Railguns do what???

Warhammer Community page has just dropped a massive bombshell upon the Warhammer 40k universe by showing one of the most devastating profiles for a weapon yet.

New Tau Hammerhead Rules 2021

This weapon is practically unstoppable. Folks will defend the gun stating it's only 1 shot, but apparently, it comes with a targeting array allowing a re-roll to hit, so say goodbye to any tank that comes across these things.

You can take up to three of these units in your force, meaning you can delete a knight within a single turn before it can retaliate. In fact, if you roll well enough you would only need to take 2. The min amount of damage this thing does is 10 wounds, which is utterly ridiculous. GW really is going in hard with the power creep this time around which is a massive shame as 9th Edition was becoming one of my most fav editions of the game (and believe me, I've played them all).

Don't get me wrong, we don't know what the points value of this unit is just yet and it could be very expensive to field, but apparently, this isn't the strongest thing in the upcoming Tau Codex, which means they are going to have the ability to delete pretty much anything from the board.

Why do I feel like I will be taking on the overpowered 3rd edition Tau again??

The way GW has been escalating its recent codexs I'm not sure I'm looking forward to what they have coming up in future. They are barely talking about the Genestealer Cult or the Custodes codex that is upcoming yet pushing Tau.

Note: as of writing these Tau Hammerheads are currently sold out....Not much of a surprise there then.


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