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Squat Prospectors Gang Review, Necromunda

Squat Prospectors for Necromunda were released on the 25th of June and these are the first-ever squats that I have purchased.

I've been playing Warhammer 40k since the days of Rogue Trader and I have never actually owned a Squat model. In fact, come to think about it, I've never owned any Dwarf miniatures ether.

So I was quite excited to open these figures up

The kit itself is two of the same sprues with 4 figures within each. Each, of course, can be modified into two different variants. Very similar to other Necromunda kits currently available.

The weapon options are quite varied, but it doesn't seem easy to magnetise (if that's what you want to do). So you may want to consider your options before assembling the figures, or if its your first gang, so make one of each.

As always with Necromunda sets, you'll want to look at buying more than one to make sure you have some good options, and inevitably Games Workshop will release additional weapons at some point so I would always recommend buying two sets.

Now I did have to test if these figures were actually 'Squat' especially with the size creep we have seen over the years. So I decided to quickly clobber together a figure (no arms or head currently) and compare it next to an Imperial Guardsman and one of the New Aeldari Rangers.

Now the Guardsmen is an older plastic, but these guys haven't changed in about 10+ years so it's a good representation of the older height. Now the Squat's head will be about chest height on the Guardsman, so I would say they won't be affected by the creep as much as other figures will. So good job GW, in my opinion anyway.

Check out my unboxing video for these figures.


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