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Shuriken Cannon update. Little too late??

The Shuriken Cannon is one of the oldest weapons in the Eldars arsenal. Even being unique to the Eldar back in the days when weapons were literally shared across the board (Orks with Plasma Guns and heavy bolters anybody??).

But as the editions have come and gone the Shuriken Cannon hasn't seen a lot of love and has fallen out of favour with a good chunk of the Aeldari player base.

GW's improvement to the weapons AP and Damage characteristic for me hasn't improved it much. It's still only 3 shots, and in previous editions, Shuriken had the ability to punch through even armour that was 2+, 8th and 9th have not been kind to Shuriken.

I've spoken about how D2 weapons were seen as a good thing when Primaris had just been released but now, with loads of units being able to shrug at least 1 point of damage, it's become very redundant.

And the loss of Assault means this won't be taken by my guardian squads in upcoming games. What would be the point?


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