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Review, Interrogator Part 3, Someone Else's Nightmare

This is a follow on from my first post regarding the Interrogator series. If you want to know what I think of the Animation and style of this series, head over to that post here.

I will be reviewing the third episode, or part 3 if you will here, and be warned, could be spoilers ahead.

I was hoping for a little more action in this episode, as I found episode 2 to be a little on the dull side.

Eloner from the Interrogator Series

The episode starts with a more fleshed out flashback to the time when Jurgen's Inquisitor was dropping like a stone. Continuing the theme of Noir Jurgen drinks to hide the pain of using his powers to scour the mind of the ganger in the previous episode.

More information about what Jurgen had seen was talked about between Jurgen and Baldur, giving some more exposition to the story. This is very static and at the end we are shown just walking animation as the duo try and walk towards this cathedral Jurgen saw.

the Integrator series

This feels like a lot of padding, I know its and animation and sometimes you may have to fill the run time, but this seems to be happening a lot at the beginning of this episode.

We get a more fleshed out scene of Jurgen's past. He actually tried to jump the inquisitor to escape the world he was on. I was hoping for a grand fight scene, but we cut to the aftermath instead and even a little more on Elenor the inquisitor. Still just little flashbacks to get us more into the story. But again feel like random padding.

We now get a little bit of action at the 10min mark of an episode that lasts 14mins. We see some PDF taking out what looks like civi's. This is first glimpse of the war these two keep talking about. The Visual here are quick gross-out and remind me a little of watching an episode of the Boyz or a old school 90's anime.

shot to the head in the Interrogator Series from Warhammer+

Now this bit I am enjoying, it has a nice pace and shows how tough and skilled these characters are. If you don't watch the episode I do recommend watching this 3 min firefight.

We end the episode on a cliff hanger, letting us now wait for the next episode to see what happens to Jurgen and Boldur.

All in all this isn't the greatest episode. Better than the second but we are still having a decline in the story from the first episode. Still way too much padding and too many 'this is Noir' moments for me to really get excited about this.

Dont get me wrong, I will watch other episodes, but I'll not be rushing to watch them when they come out.


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