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Review, Interrogator Part 2, This is Going to Hurt

This is a follow on from my first post regarding the Interrogator series. If you want to know what I think of the Animation and style of this series, head over to that post here.

I will be reviewing the second episode, or part 2 if you will here, and be warned, could be spoilers ahead.

The Episode starts with our main protagonist Jurgen's voice over, telling us about the constant rain, which made me laugh a little as this series is trying to set itself as a Warhammer 40k Noir.

We find out that Jurgan is looking for a traitor he calls Heroth, who had disappeared on him about 3 years ago. Baldur, his new/old buddy is taking him into a bar owned by someone else from Jurgen's past, a mohawked lady called Sortha.

The tension between the characters comes from a place of mistrust, with Sortha joining the Inquisitors Kill Team after selling out her previous outfit.

Must be noted that before our characters walk into the bar, outside is a servitor, a skeletal figure given the mockery of life by cybernetics, which for those not too deep into 40k lore are effectively everywhere and are used for 1000's of different tasks. This, for me at least, plants the series well into the 40k universe. In most other sci-fi franchises this abomination will probably be some form of walking monster, but here, this.....thing could be something as mundane as carrying your shopping bags.

When we see Sortha's bar it isn't very impressive. The way it's animated makes it look like a very tiny bar indeed. A bit of a bar with stools and some seats at the end. For me, this felt like they wanted to save time with the animation and just create a very small set piece for what would be happening next.

The next bad guy we meet is Broath, he is the lead that will take Jurgen to Heroth and we get a flashback to what Heroth looked like. The voice-over does a good job of describing that folks don't want to get close to Heroth, he makes them uneasy and his pure presence makes them want to vomit (which if my lore guess is right, makes this guy an Untouchable).

Here this episode gets a little weak for me. I was expecting a bit of a bar brawl, with some of the gore lines we saw previously in episode 1, instead, diplomacy followed by psychic powers follow. I didn't know what I was expecting, but I was expecting a little more action than what we got. Blood from the eyes and a bit of vomit is the only gross-out or gore moments in this episode and the way the episode ends is a bit of a letdown. It just fills like a filler piece that slows us down from point A to point B.

I can imagine those that waited about two weeks for this episode to show were really disappointed when it dropped. It fleshes out the story a touch and lets us know Jurgen is a mild Psyker but not sure it was worth the 10 minutes.

Poor and a bit dull in this outing. Let's hope it's the calm before the storm in the next episode.


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