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Paragon Warsuit

With the Sisters codex right around the corner, we will be expecting GW to be releasing more and more tit-bits in the coming weeks.

For me, I'm only after one unit. The New Paragon Warsuit

Now I'm liking the Stat line that this new unit has been given, but I can't help thinking 4 wounds in the 9th edition climate might not be highly sustainable. Two heavy bolter wounds will take this unit out if it wasn't for the -1 to D special rule that the unit has. Now don't get me wrong, we will be looking at a min of 3 units in a squad but this is coming across more like a Space Marine Centurion unit and not something that new.

A unit like this isn't going to see the field though unless it has some firepower.

As well as the standard Adepta Sorortis holy trinity of Heavy bolter, Heavy Flamer and Multi Melta we will be seeing some close combat goodness, which can be lacking from Sisters of Battle Armies.

By the looks of it, this will be the standard armament for the Warsuits, and its quite a hefty weapon.

The rules will mean 4 strength 6 -3 ap attacks against your opponent. If the rules for Order of the Bloody Rose doesn't change with the upcoming codex then we could be looking at 5 attacks in the first round with a -4 power sword.

The Mace is looking a very tasty option, but the -1 to hit making it a 50/50 chance could put me off. St9 with 3 damage is devastating, but if your only hitting 2 hits its not hurting a lot.

Which is best??

So lets look at the percentages. If three Warsuits attacked 10 Intercessors then what would the results be on average??

So Im going to assume the Sister Superior will get an extra attack so both of these will be done with 10 attacks each and all values will be between number (so like 3 to 4 hits as an example)


Hits: 6/7

Wounds: 4/5

Failed Saves: 3/4

Estimated Models Removed on average: 3/4


Hits: 5

Wounds: 4/5

Failed Saves: 2/3

Estimated Models Removed on average: 2/3

So for pure infantry killing nastiness the Sword will be mightier....then the mace as this has the ability to remove more marines from that squad.

Can they take a hit?

Now, let's reverse the scenario. Lets have 10 Intercessor Space Marines attack the Warsuits. They will only be using their standard attacks but lets assume they got the charge and get the +1, so it totals 31 attacks.

Hits: 20/21

Wounds: 6/7

Failed Saves: 1/2

Estimated Models Removed on average: 0

So according to the averages, the Space Marines SHOULDNT be able to get rid of a Warsuit without some unlucky roles on the Sisters part, but this to me would mean that if both squads came into contact with each other it would be several turns of stale mate.

I don't think this unit will be the great combat squad I was hoping they would be, but they can take a bit of a punch in combat, and with M8 they can get across the battlefield pretty quick. Unfortunately I can see them settling into an objective holding role, we will just have to see how many points they come in at.


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