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Painting up a Classic Rogue Trader Figure

Hi folks, in rootstems latest painting tutorial we paint up a classic Ork figure from the Rogue Trader era of Warhammer 40k. This figure it kinda like a banner bearer for a 'Space Ork' army as they use to be called way back in the day.

If you look close its uniform looks very similar to a World War 2 German uniform, especially with the unique looking helmet design. Quite a few figures from back then would have a German like theme, or just be completely Mad Max, they never tended to have an inbetween.

However this figure was going to belong to a Blood Axe Ork army so i decided to give it a similar colour to that of the German Army Desert uniform. This contrasted very nicely with the Orks natural flesh which I made quite bright to fit with a traditional Ork flesh scheme from back in the day.

So I hope you enjoy and even take inspiration for your own models.


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