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Painting Deep Dive : Judge Dredd Bust

Having finally finished one of my current projects, that being the Judge Dredd Bust I decided to look back and see what I learnt from the project and what I could do better.

Painting models of different scales doesn't always mean you use the same techniques. Some larger figures can take well to drybrushing, more so then smaller figures can, but with this being a 3D printed figure I wanted to avoid drybrushing as much as possible.

Drybrushing is one of my favourite painting techniques as when its done well, it looks really good on a figure. I also find it helps me with edge highlighting as sometimes I don't have the steadiest of hands. That being said if your figure isn't filed down correctly or has layers (as in the case of most 3D printed figures) it will pick up every imperfection and highlight it to the world.

This forced me to make sure that my layer game was on point for this paint job. Thankfully with this model being for me and not an external commission piece I could do a little more experimentation.

What I found was that when a model gets bigger you need to make sure you are applying multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) thin layers of paint down, making sure that a wet palette is handy so nothing drys out too fast. You have to do more layers then you would on a standard 28mm figure because there is less space to be able to hide and imperfections.

Don't get me wrong, I personally don't think I achieved the greatest layer job and could have probably gone back in to build more slowly. Some of the more extreme highlights I found obvious once all the paint had dried, especially on the dark blues.

Looking back I should have airbrushed the blue and made sure the transitions looked ultra crisp rather then I should have finished the edging with some edge highlighting, but these are things that we learn from.

Have you ever looked back on a model and thought 'should have gone with my initial gut felling' before? Let us know in the comments below.


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