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Orks T5! About time..but how does it affect the game?

Finally, we are starting to see some improvements to some of the more 'traditional' Warhammer 40k armies. But what will T5 orks mean to the game of Warhammer 40k?

With Space Marine now getting 2 wounds each it makes sense that their oldest enemy gets a bit of a boast and t5 could really turn thing around when going against W40k's poster boys.

So I'm going to have a look at the maths involved on what this might mean for the Green skins when taking on a Space Marine opponent.



So in this little scenaro I'm going to be using a squad of Intercessor Space Marines armed with bolt rifles. We will state that it is turn 2 and the marines are within 6inch of their Captain allowing re-rolls of 1 to hit.

So in total it would be 30 shots against the Ork unit, S4 and -1 to save.

Against the Orks old toughness its estimated that 11 - 12 Orks would have been killed. Meaning a squad of 10 should be wiped out.

Against the new and improved T5 that number now drops to roughly 7-8 Orks.

If the Ork player factored in a pain boy and a shield save from a Big Mek then you would only lose between 4-5 boyz.

So currently a win for your standard ork troops when coming across sheer weight of fire from a Space Marine unit.

If we factor in close combat a 30 man Intercessor squad on turn 2 would only be able to kill between 6-7 Ork Boyz with the new T5. In game terms this could mean that instead of losing several units to one Marine squad you may only lose 1.



Now the reason I've picked Orks v Guard for my next scenario is simply that most armies will have s4 basic weapons. Eldar, Sisters, Necrons, all have a basic s4 weapon so the results wouldn't be different from those above. However, the Guard hit on 4+ and the lasgun is only s3.

In this scenario, I will be stating that the Guard have been given first rank fire, second rank fire and are Cadia within 12inch. Meaning they re-roll 1's and have 4 shots per lasgun. A squad of 10 same as above.

So a total of 40 shots re-rolling 1's needing 4's to hit and 5's to wound.

In total, an average of 6-7 Orks would be killed. Or course because of the way wounding works in 40k it would be the same result regardless of the Orks increased toughness. Meaning this change wouldn't affect Imperial Guard that much at all. So I decided to look at a Battle Cannon on a Leman Russ.

So the Russ would fire twice with its main weapon, and I would state that because of Ork Squad size it would be a min of 3 per shot. So 6 battlecannon shots at the Ork Squad

So a Battlecannon on average would kill about 2-3 T4 Orks with that number not really changing if fired from a Command Tank at bs 3+. T5 Orks would only see 1-2 of their number removed.



Now not only has the T been increased for Ork units but their standard weapon of choice has also received an upgrade and a well deserved one too.

Ork Choppas use to be quite feared in 40k with only the recent versions of the game dumbing it down, but as you can see below it now more akin to an astartes chainsword

So looking at that, how many Space Marines can a charging 10 man Ork unit get rid of?

So I'm going to be pitting 10 Orks against 10 Intercessors mainly as these now tend to be the most common Space Marines.

So previously 10 Orks would have killed between 1-2 Intercessors using the old choppa. With the new -1 added they are now looking at removing an Extra Intercessor meaning the attacks back to the 10 man Ork unit will be reduced.

All of this means that Orks can now deal out a bit more damage while also taking more in the process. We will find out with the Points/Power changed if this change is going to be worth it in the long run.


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