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Nice, new Kill Team Set....but what does the terrain look like?

Back on the 10th of July good old Games Workshop released a series of videos and sneak peeks on what is currently upcoming for the world of Warhammer and beyond.

The one me (and most of my friends) were excited about was the new Kill Team items coming our way. I watched the video waiting what this new box was going to show us, what new terrain, board and miniatures were going to be unleashed upon the world.

Figures appeared, Guard v Kroot. Quite excited about that if I'm honest, Kroot fit quite well in Kill Team and having a Kill Team Squad of them will make games at home more exciting, I also like that the 'Guard' squad is Imperial Navy.

So what does the board look like??.....

For I waited and waited.....and Nothing.

That's a little disappointing, I will not lie. I was hoping for some terrain mastery from GW with this new, apparent, Space Hulk style board.

But GW has failed to show us anything so far, which makes me worried that this won't be up to the current level that everything else is.

We may see a cardboard layout like in previous games

Competitive Kill Team

Now, not that boards can't be fun, but with the recent 3D level we have seen in Necromunda and other game systems I would like to see a more 3D approach to fighting in the tight corridors of ship combat.

We did get Zone Mortalis tiles from Forge World but the outlying cost of these boards meant that it was out of reach for many of us. In fact, we only had one at the club because we all pitched in to get one.

You can get some fantastic setups with the plastic Zone Mortalis that is for Necromunda, but again this can be incredibly expensive. Some companies thankfully do MDF versions which are a fraction, but when you play a tabletop game (for me anyway) part of the fun is the aesthetic that you create and some of these MDF walls have no character unless you spend a boatload of your own time on them.

Hopefully, soon, GW will put me out of my misery and will showcase the additional box contents and I can adjust my mood accordingly.


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