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New Weapons! Adeptus Titanicus

It’s been a while since the main line Titans got some love, but all that is about to change!!

Side views of Adeptus Titanicus Models with New Volkite weapons

Good old Forge World has released some new ‘Heresy’ era weaponary for our main line Battle Titans and this one has a nice big of fluff and gammyness that could prove tactally decisive in future Titanicus games.

Titan scale Volkite Weapons

For those of you familiar with the Heresy 40K series you will have come across a lot of volkite weaponry before. These weapons, although generally not great at punching through armour, can generate an emence amount of shots and can bring down large targets with volleys of firepower.

Now these weapons in Titanicus are essentially a void shield stripper and when used tactically and in combination with other weapons should be able to bring the hurt especially with their unique rule

The void breaker states that your opponent is rolling additional shield saves. Their example states that the Reaver and Warhound both get three shots with X being two. So if I’m reading this correctly if they hit with all three, then it would be 9 void shield saves.

Warhound Adeptus Titanicus model with New Volkite Weapons

Tooling two of these on Warhound could potentially cause some to roll 18 void shield saves. Epp!!!

So glad all my Titans are magnetised. (Want to know how to magnetise your Titanicus models? Check out my video here)

Warlord Titan with New Volkite weapons from Games Workshops Adeptus Titanicus Range

Now the rules for the big boy on the Warlord were not show on the Warhammer Community Page and I can only assume longer range and bigger attacks and X. But they did mention an overheat option in the form of Beam

As you can see this is highly situational and the Warlord isn’t the greatest at manoeuvring into a favourable position, none the less I like the flavour of the rule, Volkite weapons are supposed to be heat rays after all.

Looking forward to see

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