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New Orks, New Krieg. Why I’m happy

So I’m writing this on the morning before GW’s announcement for a new kill team box set that’s due to be released in August

Warhammer 40K kill team logo

I do find it interesting that Games Workshop seem to be releasing all of their new models in kill team first but hay ho you have to sell toys and make money at the end of the day.

some are stating that this might be a new Kill Team game with new and tighter rules then the previous edition. Which I hope is the case, I found the last kill team to be…clunky and not as good as Necromunda in all honesty.

But this set is coming with new Krieg Astra militarum models as well as new figures for Ork commandos. we’ve already seen new Ork models are inbound but it now give me hope for a new plastic range on my Guard army.

Astra Militarum Krieg sniper

These will be nice to use as replacements for my Steel Legion as even though they are heavily varnished like to chip due to being metal figures. I’m also exciting to see if some of these new Orks have a hint of ’World War 2’ about them.

Blood Ace style Ork

Original Rogue Trader Orks did have a German Workd War 2 feel about them, which adding hints of, would be a nice call back to the original 40K Ork models.

It could also mean we might see a new range of Orks for the Blood Axe tribe. Sohopefully by 6pm today we will have proper answers and some proper looks into new upcoming plastics

Ork shooting a shoota


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