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New Ork Psyker

As we know we have new Ork units on their way to our wonderful game of Warhammer 40000. I didn't really look into the 'Great White' simply because it felt like a bit of a rip off from a particular character from Lord of the Rings.

Now don't get me wrong, this isnt the first time Games Workshop has copied from other sources when it comes to characters, but this one felt very on the nose.

But this week we have a unique model coming our way in the form of a new Psyker called Wurrboyz.

New Warhammer 40k Ork Wurrboy

I am wondering if the term 'Wurrboyz' will eventually replace 'Weirdboyz' as this might be a word or term GW can copyright. These Beast Snagga psykers will have access to some unique powers as well as some unique weapons.

Now before I look at these rules I must say I do like this model. Its got bionics and looks very Orky. Its a shame there isn't any lighting or something on his hands.

Now this power apparently turns the opponent into squigs, that can turn upon other enemy units.

It is quite short ranged and will be much more effective against larger units. Cant see it being very effective against Space Marines but time will tell if I'm wrong.

This though I do like. Its a good strengh, good minus and can do a bit of damage. The only downside will be the Orks 5+ Ballistic Skill.

GW didnt really give us much else to go on. So Im going to leave it here. But I will go back and state....I really like that model. If anybody wants to send a request for a Miniature Commission on this I might think about doing a discount.

Contact me on here.

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