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New Ork Infantry Spotted

More models for the Orks have been spotted on Game Workshops Warhammer-Community page and this time they are standing on their own two legs.

New Ork Beast Snagga from Games Workshop

Now in my heart of evil hearts I am deep down an 'Eldar' Player (Asuryani/Aeldari) and I regularly complain that my main infantry models have not had an update in a while, but the same can be said for Orks.

Only one model is shown in the Article, but the quality of the model is really good. Its mentioned in the Article that these will be a new Ork unit that will be available to all Ork factions, which to me is a bit of a shame. I would like to see other races get the 'Space Marine Factions' treatment in the game of Warhammer 40000, as I think it would reinvigorate a passion for people that spend time collecting something other then Astartes.

I do have a worry that you'll need lots and lots of these boyz to make up a good unit and with the quality shown (and GW's past) we know they wont be cheap.

Lets just hope they keep the barrier to entry low, would love to see some Ork forces finally winning some tournaments.

Still no word on a release date though, but will keep my eyes peeled.


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