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New Necromunda Models sighted

Games workshop has recently shown us some of the newest goodies coming out of the depths of the underhive, and both have got me hyped for a) nostalgia and b) throw back to the early days of the Imperial Guard.

Starting with the Krieg Mester, a military attaché to add to your gang forces. This model is really nice, one of the better 'standard' figures games workshop has released in a long time. GW's article didn't really detail much on what this figure will do for your gang, but it comes equipped with bionics and a power sword so has the potential to be very powerful on the table top.

Personally this is an excellent model to add to an Imperial Guard army. It could be used as your Commander or even a commander of the fleet (which is what I'm probably going to be using it for).

The second sees a model called the Jagerkin, a model with a bonic right arm and a serious scar across her face. What I like about this model is the call back to the early days of Rogue Trader. This model belongs to one of the most famous Militarum regiments, the Famed Necromunda 8th Regiement, 'The Spiders'.

This is an impressive call back to some of the original art work and model painting that GW put out in the early days of the Imperial Army. I really like the call back helmet and the red spider on the shoulder pad, and of course the duo tone number guard with the appropriate '8' to denote the regiment.

These are models that are awesome for collectors and can be used in a variety of different armies with a bit of conversion, cannot wait to see what they bring out next for the Underhive.


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