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New Aeldari Codex clocks in at 200pages

Now don't get me wrong, this could be 179 pages of crap and filler just to buff out the book, but somehow (for me) this feels like GW is actually putting some weight behind the Eldar.

New Aeldari Codex cover

The codex is going to be one of the second biggest codex's currently released, with only the Space Marine codex coming in larger. And that book is filled with rules. Some naysayers will say that the books bloated size mainly comes from it being 2 armies combined together as the Harlequins will now be in this book and not as a stand-alone army.

And I say good!! The Harlequin army is nor use nor ornament currently and it's only recently that the Harlequins started to be separate from the Craftworld Aeldari, most previous editions had them as one entity. Just so glad I kept a squad or two ready for this moment.

Way back in second edition, the Eldar (Aeldari) were one of the 'big four' armies that Games Workshop tended to focus on.

Space Marines of course were the obvious first choice and the Orks were not far from the top. But the Eldar were one of the big choices for players to get into. They had a different play style and have always come in under the 'Glass Cannon' style of gameplay.

With some of the leaks and rumours, we have already seen I think the Aeldari will be making a huge comeback once their codex is released. I just hope they don't have too much codex creep that stops people from wanting to go against them.

Check out some of the articles below regarding the rumours surrounding this most ancient of races.


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