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New Adepta Sororitas Model, the Dogmata

So new model Monday has hit (well, hit 2 days ago) and reviled to us a new Sisters of Battle model.

Now I have waited to comment on this as by now we all agree that Games Workshop don't seem to be able to make a decent face for their new Sororitas range of figures. Hell you paint up some of the new plastics with blond hair and instantly my brain yells out 'HE-MAN and the masters of the universe'

This one, unfortunately, isn't breaking that mold.

This one looks like Jim Carrey pulling the Grinch face.

Jim Carrey pulling Grinch face

Now GW hasnet released any rules for this new figure in Warhammer 40k just yet, in fact I'm not sure that GW has released any rules for some of the upcoming Sisters models they have teased, but we are assured that it will operate much like a Space Marine Chaplin does on the battlefield.

Im just thankful that this is potentially another HQ unit to add to the Adepta Sororitas force as they are seriously lacking HQ choices.


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