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My Review of Interrogator Part 1, Always More Blood

The Animation is slowly (very slowly) trickling out onto the Warhammer TV App with the latest mini-series being Interrogator, and yes I am aware i'm a little late to the party on this one.

The last mini-series was The Exodite, which while I thought it was 'alright' felt a little rushed in the end. Interrogator is supposed to bring us some a more 'film noir' series to the grimdark and while I respect content creators for trying different routes I'm a little sceptical if this can be achieved in something that will last about 10 minutes per episode.

Be aware that there might be spoilers ahead.

Screen shot from the first episode of Warhammer+ series Interregator

The episode opens up with some very Frank Millar inspired artwork that has a comic book feel to it straight out of the gate, which already tells me where some of the inspiration for this series might come from. It also reminds me of the art found in 2000ad Comics during the 80's

The Animation has that slight jerky feel to it, very similar to the feel you get from the Hammer and Bolter Series, which to me always feel like an Animation studio trying to do something quick and cheap.

Our main protagonist, the titled Interrogator is a down on his luck agent called Jurgan, we get a brief intro into his back story with a mini flashback giving us little violent scenes of his past, finishing off with a woman in armour falling to what appears to be her death off of a balcony. Jurgan is trying to forget his past in a wash of alcohol and pills in his little flat/office that appears to look like a small 'detective agency' style layout. You have the desk in a corner, light shining through half-open blinds in front of the windows, all the tropes of Noir are displayed here, including Jurgan's voice-over updating us to all of the usual trope details.

Jurgans current stupor is interrupted by one of his informants (more detective tropes at play) letting him know some folk are after him and know where he is located. When these folks arrive we get a really good look at what the aesthetic the animation is going for.

It has a feel of old Necronumda, spiked shoulder pads and random placement of clothing and equipment with punk style hair cuts and cybernectics. In fact, a lot of that style was found in many a Judge Dread comic during the late 80's and early 90's which was a time period where GW did a lot of work with that comics publisher.

Its hear that the film Noir style takes a bit of a detour and we jump pack into the realm of Warhammer 40000. A laky called Alexa, who works for what we can only assume is some crime or drug lord called Aedo, is quickly dispatched in a very brutal manner by our protagonist and the rest of her men are quickly dispatched as well. Now some might think that this washed-up Interrogator should really be able to handle these folks, but let's remember, he has served with an Inquisitors Kill Team and they don't tend to use the weak. The Violence is storied and bloody, something we are coming to see frequently with the episodes on Warhammer+.

At the end of the episode, we are greeted to a spiked shoulder-padded associate of the Interrogator called Baldur, who mentions Bellona and the episode ends.

What Did I Think?

The episode was safely played out, giving us the set-up for the continuing story and letting us know this world is cruel and unkind, kinda like the rest of Warhammer 40k. Apart from what feels like lag time in some of the animation I enjoyed the style and was pleased with the black and white aesthetic, which was done a lot better than in Angels of Death. I liked the dialogue and the voice actors, although some voices sounded very similar to each other, making me wonder if only about 3 people provided voices for the episode.

Waiting now to see what episode 2 bring us. But this one was worth the watch.

Note that if anybody knows who the voice actors are please leave a comment, I cant find any information on them.


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