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More Aeldari Leaks

As we draw closer and closer to the Asuryani Codex release date (getting fed up with all the names for the Eldar) more and more leaks have been coming out of the woodwork regarding what we are getting in the upcoming book.

GW doesn't really seem to be dropping that much onto us with only a snippet of a rule here and there, so I've managed to have a look at 5 of the upcoming Craftworld rules and will be letting you guys know what they are below (if you haven't seen them already that is) and just giving you my feelings on the new rules. Note that I'm NOT going to show the leaked photos on here. Don't want the GW legal team to come scrambling.


The red Craftworld is known for its use of the Jetbike and used to have rules allowing the bikes to be troops' choices. Sadly that isn't the case anymore but lets have a look at what they are getting.

Attribute: Wild Host

  • Re-roll Charge rolls

  • Can fallback and still charge

Weak. This feels like it's mainly pandering to Banshee units and Shinning Spears, where is the love for the jetbike? Feels like they have lost their flavour.


This is the craft world I use for my own Eldar, mainly because at the time when I started I was also collecting Blood Angels and got fed up with painting red. Famous for being the most militaristic of the Aeldari Craftworlds they use to have rules for Aspect Warriors back in the day. And what do we get now?

Attribute: Swordwind

  • Each time a unit makes an Advance or Battle Focus move, treat a result of 1 or 2 as a 3 instead.

  • Each time a unit shoots or fights can re-roll one hit roll.

Not Great, especially as GW has moved Dire Avengers into the Elite slot. Feel like I'm going to have to be adding some more Guardian Squads to my army if I don't want to be spending command points. The auto 3 for Advance/Focus is nice, especially for Howling Banshee Squads. And I can see the re-roll to hit being useful with Tanks.


Was tempted by this Craftworld many moons ago, mainly because it's a very simple paint scheme. Known for psychic prowess and being led by none other than Eldrad let's see what GW has in store for us with this bunch.

Attribute: Foresight of the Dammed

  • Each Psyker adds +1 to their Psychic test when casting their first power.

  • Each time a unit rolls to wound can re-roll one failed wound roll.

  • Models have a 6+ invun save

  • Ignore mortal wounds on a 5+

Why do these guys get 4?, I can see which Craftworld is the play testers' fav. 6+ invun is actually pretty handy in this current game. Especially with the huge amount of modifiers that are flying about with other races. Still, why do they get 4?


The very Yellow Craftworld with a pension for robotic wraiths. Would be nice to see these as a troop's choice again.

Attribute: Stoic Endurance

  • +1 to combat attrition tests

  • Each time an attack is allocated to a model, if that attack has an Armour Penetration Characteristic of -1 or -2, worsen the AP by 1.

So the first bit is very useless. I've not come across a lot of reasons for having a +1 to that test, and as most Aeldari units are between 5-10 models, and with the game's current lethality, it's rare I see a lot of attrition tests taken. The second one however is very powerful. My Guard army is Steel Legion and just having Tanks ignore that -1 makes armour incredibly powerful. If Iyanden armies on the tournament scene are not full of Wave Serpents, Fire Prisms and Wraithguard then I would be very shocked.


Known for their rangers and outcasts it would seem fitting that these Eldar would get some sort of cover buff.

Attribute: Fieldcraft

  • Units more than 12inch away from attacks gain light cover.

  • Infantry and Bikers more than 12inch away and in Area terrain also gain dense cover

  • Units are not affected by modifiers to their move and advance characteristics.

I'm glad that this is 12inch and not the usual GW 18inch. The smaller table size is making just a distance redundant. Not being modified when moving through terrain can make a big difference when it comes to objective hogging and again will allow Banshees units to get right in the face of the enemy.

There is some warlord traits, relics and strats accosted with each craftworld, but I'm going to possibly go over them in another article (unless GW gets their first). All in all, these are pretty poor and I would have liked to have seen a bit more pizzazz in a couple of them. Fingers crossed for some awesome Aspect Warriors and Psychic powers.


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