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Kill Team Space Hulk is Nearly Here

By now most of you should have seen the new board that will be coming out in the next kill team expansion, and if you haven't you can take a look at it here.

The contents of this box excite me greatly, so far with Kill Team I have been hugely impressed with the game and have enjoyed the many sessions that I have had. I find the small scale and the alternating turns to add an edge to the tactics in play and I also find it easier to show other people how to play the game. Potentially making more 40k players.

Kill Team Into the Dark

The new set is coming with some good-looking terrain pieces that are designed to make rooms and corridors in a ship-style environment, but this has already got my scenario brain running, as these could represent rooms and corridors in a bunker complex or a large building. I'm suspecting that this Kill Zone will have some special rules associated to it, and it wouldn't surprise me if we see some 'Reactions' from Heresy slowly turn up in other GW games including this one.

My only concern is that this set isn't coming as an expansion, its billed as a starter pack, and is being supplied with a rule book, tokens, dice and a host of other items, not just the 2 teams that you will use.

I'll not go into the teams much. I will be keeping them once I get the set, it's good to have a collection of Kill Teams to swap out and play with as the tactics of each can vary. But I was hoping for maybe something like Genestealers or even some new Squat Models (especially after the teaser promo was very space hulk themed. Check it out here). The Navy Breachers will be a nice set to collect, but I can see most old-school players wanting to use Space Marines of some variant (where are our Terminator rules Games Workshop??). I know I'm going to look at pitting Marines against Gene Cult at some point in this terrain set.

Speaking of the terrain

This terrain is going to be modular and GW has promised more expansions, with more terrain, and more options....think my brain might explode.

This is the Kill Team/Space Hulk terrain I have seriously been waiting for. Being able to make your own corridors and walkways on a smaller board is going to blow my tiny mind with possibilities.

Now I know we already have terrain you could possibly already do this within the form of the Necromunda Zone Mortalis sets, but I find that trying to create a nice set-up with these is incredibly expensive, just a small set of walls and doors from GW costs £55 and would only really cover a foot to a foot and half of zone tiles.

Don't get me wrong, the price of this box set has yet to be announced and it's a starter set, so I can see £100+ on this, but for all the gubbins + the modular terrain, in all up for that.

Seriously cant wait to start making scenarios with this bad boy.

What races will you be using with this terrain piece?


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