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Kill Team Deep Dive : Space Marine Scouts

With the whole Warhammer 40k Space Marine model range going towards Primaris its feels funny fielding Space Marine Scouts in a game. I use to love using scouts, always had it in the back of my head that Crimson Fists needed to shore back up the numbers, and never went to battle without them.

In the newer 9th Edition of 40k I no longer feel the need for Scout units unless I'm playing something that's very scenario driven, which is a big shame. Thankfully Kill Team has come to make use of my Scout Models.


Unlike other marine units in the game scouts only have 2 action points, but can field 10 models, which means you can have a greater variety of set ups. Don't get me wrong, 8 wounds and a 4+ save does mean they are not as tough, but the greater model count makes up for this.



In previous articles I showed the percentages of hits and the likely hood of causing wounds with various weapons, that might be problematic with the shear amount of weapons available to scout kill teams so I'll go through a few recommendations instead

  • Scout Sniper Rifle : These weapons are only on the Scout Sniper units, which also come with a very handy Camo cloak. The sniper has the silent trait which allows you to shoot when you have a conceal order on. However it also has heavy, which means your not moving and shooting with this weapon anytime soon, unless you purchase some suspensor systems. It does have low(ish) damage but hits on 2+ means that over half of the time you will get all 4 to hit.

  • Heavy Bolters : This weapon in general is really good in Kill Team, 5 shots needing 3+ to hit with a damage output of 4/5, fusillade trait and P1 makes it a very good support weapon. Again the draw back is the Heavy trait, but can be mitigated with suspensor systems.


Strategic Ploys

A big downside to Scout Kill Teams is that its extremely limited when it comes to choices, in fact their is only 1, Tactical Precision, which only comes in handy if you are close to your Sergeant. This means your more likely to spend points on Tactical's instead


Tactical Ploys

Scouts are again limited with what they can use, with the choices being Only In Death and They Shall No Know Fear. Only in Death is the one you will probably rely on the most as with your warriors being easier to kill then standard marines you will find yourself calling upon it more often. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as having a last ditch attempt to remove enemy models or commit an action on that last objective can be game winning.



Scouts, just like some other units, don't have access to a lot of equipment. You will find yourself mainly taking Suspensor Systems for your heavy weapons with a couple of Smoke Grenades thrown in for good measure. Purity seals are pretty useless I find and not really worth your equipment points.

Scouts are fun to play in Kill Team. They are ideally suited to its style of play, and it even fits lore wise with how scouts are supposed to be used on the battlefield. Fingers crossed GW produces a dedicated box set to scout units as it would be a shame to see them fall into Legends.

Here's a battle report pitting Orks against Scouts.


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