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Kill Team deep dive : Space Marine Infiltrators

Previous I've talked about the Space Marine Intercessors in Kill Team and how they operate within the game, giving stats and percentages on what to take in your games.

Bolt Carbine - Strategic Ploys - Tactical Ploys - Equipment

So again I will be looking at one of the Kill Team options available to Space Marine players and breakdown what they can and cant do in the game.


The Infiltrator stat line is slightly lower then the Intercessors being 12 wounds instead of 13. Some may state that it doesn't matter much about 1 wound but those that's played a few games know that having 1 wound left in a game thats only 4 turns can be a big deal. However the Marksman Bolt Carbine makes up for this.


Marksman Bolt Carbine

This is the only weapon option to the standard Infiltrators running with the same attach, ballistic skill and Damage output as mentioned with the Infiltrators. So we are looking at a 60% chance of getting 3 hits and 20% chance of getting 4 hits, but this weapon has lethal 5+ which means hits of 5 or more are converted into critical hits.

With 4 dice rolls the chances of getting a 6 is roughly 50% of the time, when its a 5+ its an 80% chance that you will get a crit and a 40% chance you will get two.

With the way saves work in Kill Team this mean your likely to get a higher damage output from these bolt weapons then you would from a Bolt Rifle. So on more 'hoard' like armies you will be getting more kills.


Strategic Ploys

All 3 ploys are available for Infiltrator Kill Team the same as they are for the Intercessor Kill Team. You will find yourself using the Bolter Discipline quite alot in the early stages of the game. Marines have 3 action points and with you only able to use each action once shooting twice is a tempting offer.


Tactical Ploys

Unlike there Intercessor brothers Infiltrators get access to at least 4 of these ploys. The usual Transhuman and Only in Death will get some good use, but tactically the Omni-Scrambler is a hidden gem. This can be played to stop a charge, stop an enemy running away, etc. It has some tactical finesse



More options are opened up for Infiltrator Kill Teams as compared to the Intercessors. Two which you will probably auto include in your games.

The first one is the Helix Gauntlet which you are limited to one. This heals wounds on Marines which will encourage a little more objective grab as you know you can take a hit or two and with 3 APL its not like you will be losing out on a shoot or move action.

The second is Smoke Grenade which you are not limited to just one. These are awesome for getting your troopers up the field without them taking a heavy amount of firepower. Couple of these up the board by one or two operatives late in the turn will give you a proper hit and run feel.


For me infiltrators are a lot more tactical and suit the game of Kill Team much more then Intercessors. The only draw back is no melee weapons on the Sergeant which can hurt a little when you get into the later turns, especially when everybody gets up close and personal. Hopefully the lethal 5+ bolters will sort out most of your opponent and the smoke grenades will help big time when it comes to grabbing those objectives.

Happy wargaming and will talk in the next article.


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