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Kill Team Deep Dive : Orks

Now we are not talking about the Kommandos you will get in the Kill Team box set, we are talking about Orks from the Kill Team Compendium. These are the Boyz as it were that will normally make up the bulk of an Ork army, along with some grots of course.


With most fire teams you will be finding yourself with about 9-10 models to play with. Orks are not as tough as you would think in the game. They have 10 wounds with a 5+ save. So a good round of bolter fire can take one down unless you are seeking cover.

Now many wont consider swapping a boy for 2 Grots, but I always go on about tactics in this new game of Killteam and splitting one model with 2 action points for 2 models with 2 action points each, considering you need to grab those objectives, seems like a no brainer to me.

In fact a pure Boyz kill team could comprise of 2 gunna's with ether Big Shooter or Rokkit (choice depends on who you fight most tbh), Boss Nob with Klaw and combi Rokkit (why are you choosing anything other then this combo?), 5 boyz (mix up the shoota's and Slugga's) and 4 Grots, using the grots as ether shields or for objective grabbing purposes. In fact that.....is a pretty good all round kill team.


I'm not going to say a lot about the Kommandos. If you are wanting a pure Kommandos killteam then you need to be using the special ones in the starter set. These are more like bog standard Boyz then anything special.


Now with this fire team you only get 4 models, but each model can be ether a Burna or a Loota, which basically means flamer, or big gun. The Burna has very little range, but does hit on 2's. However, and this for me is a problem with most flamers in this game, its damage is 2/2. I dont thing the damage output is strong enough, especially for critical hits. Yes, if all hit and your opponent does no saves that 10 wounds, but even 5+ save on 3 dice is bound to generate at least 1 save, and then your too close because the range is only 6 inch. A Loota (for me) is a far better choice as the Deffgun doesn't have Heavy like a lot of others I've reviewed so far so your far more able to get into a better position in order to fire the weapon.

Spanner or Nob??

Now depending of course what you select for your fireteam the choice might be limited. It depends if your wanting a shooting leader or a combat leader. A Spanner cannot select any great close combat weapons, but he has a better BS and if your not taking the Kustom Mega-Blaster then your doing it wrong. The Nob or course is your close combat specialist and again, no klaw?....Stop playing the game.


Strategic Ploys

4 Ploys are available for Ork Killteams, you'll probably be finding yourself using the Dakka Dakka Dakka strat most, as this allows re-rolls on misses, and Orks tend to get a lot of misses. Waaaagh! is another you'll be using quite a bit, but you will probably find yourself not using it till turn 3 or 4. The other two is for specific units, Boyz (I refuse to call then Boy....) and Klan Kommandos. If you have a pure Boyz kill team you will be using this one, again mainly on turn 3 or 4. If you do have some Kommandos the skult about ability to get an extra save while in cover is pretty handy, but personally you should be taking Klan Kommandos.


Tactical Ploys

Both of the two listed are quite good. If anybody read my Sisters review they would know that the sisters have a strat to stop damage coming from a dice, the same applied here. Its a really useful strat that allows you to make sure that the Ork you need to survive is GOING to survive.

More Dakka is really good. It essentially allows you to fire with that model again if no wounds occur on your opponent. If you have any Loota's you WILL be using this at some point in the game.



Equipment wise the Orks get some pretty good gear to equip your boyz with. Targetin' Fing increases BS for certain models and Drum Mag on a big shoota gains it the Ceaseless special rule. There section isn't as great as a Space Marine list but it all makes quite a bit of sense.

My top tip, take some ladz with 'Eavy Armour, you'll thank me later.


Orks are surprisingly versatile when it comes to Killteam, but all Ork players must remember, Tactics and Objectives. I would always look at taking a couple of Grots who's sole role would be to grabbing objectives, leaving the Big Un's to deal with the enemy.


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