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Kill Team Deep Dive : Adepta Sororitas

Also known as the Sisters of Battle the Adepta Sororitas make quite a formidable Kill Team. A good mix of units, not to mention some very tasty special abilities can make the Sisters one of the go too forces for Kill Team 2021.

Units - Strategic Ploys - Tactical Ploys

The Sisters of Battle

A Sisters kill team has 3 different options, Battle Sisters, Repentia and Arco-Flagellent. Each can bring a different flavour to your kill teams.

  • Battle Sisters: This option gives you 5 power armoured warriors in a fire team. If you have two fire teams you get access to a heavy gunner, which allows you to field a Heavy Bolter or Ministorum Heavy Flamer. Out of the two the heavy bolter would be my go to. The heavy flamer is unfortunately heavy, meaning that you can't move and shoot with this weapon without spending command points (see later). The rest give you options for special weapons and bolters, which gives you the hitting power of space marines. Now don't get me wrong 8 wounds in this game might not seem like a lot but they have the 3+ making them quite durable to enemy fire. I would always take an Icon Bearer especially if I'm having 10 sisters. The ability to give models a 5+ lethal for all weapons can seriously increase your effective fire power against any foe.

  • Sister Repentia: This unit isn't durable at all, but hits like a train if it can get into close combat. The eviscerator has some seriously high damage and can mess up units clustered together in groups. This unit can still claim objectives and mixed with the Superior you can drive Repentia forward pretty quickly, ether to take out a particular target or to grab that last minute objective. As i've said previously though, the unit is weak and can be brought down very easily. I wouldn't field a dedicated team of them.

  • Arco-Flagellant: The Arco units have better wounds then the Repentia but overall don't have the severe damage output that they have. They do have a tasty tactical ploy but I will discus that later. Another downside to this unit is that they cannot do mission actions and so you are limited tactically in the game.


Who is better?

Its a no brainer that you will be taking at least 1 fireteam of Sisters as taking pure fireteams of the other two wouldn't leave you with many game options. The question becomes what is your second fire team choice?

A pure Sisters fireteam is very versatile and have some great damage output and can really take a hit. The addition of a heavy weapon and an Icon can give your team even extra punch and when combined into a mini castle can protect objectives very well against all comers.

Adding the Arco unit will give you a punch in close combat, but you will be relying on 5 Sisters to get the objective done properly. Which could leave you out of a good game.

The Repenta are the more obvious second choice with their ability to shrug off wounds and the hard hit they can give out, as well as capturing a=objectives could make it a no-brainer. But 7 wounds v 10 might make it a clencher choice.

Combat Weapon of Choice

So I'm going to have a look at the difference between the Arco and Repenta units. Looking at if they can take a hit and what they actually punch like. As usual my target is a space marine and a bolter is the incoming weapon.

So we all know on average a Space Marine bolter will hit with at least 3 out of the 4 dice rolled. Assuming no 6's are rolled you are looking at 9 wounds. So before we even start looking at dice rolls, the Arco would be alive with 1 wound left. Both have a defence of 3 and an save of 6+ which is pretty poor. Its only a 40% chance of even getting 1 dice to be save, which means that most times all hits would go through. The saving grace would be the 5+ feel no pain.

Lets say all 3 hits go through, this would cause 9 wounds, so about 2-3 wounds on average would be saved. Now the Repenta would need to save 3 at least, which is a 62% chance of being successful, we already know that the Arco is going to survive this round. So out of the 2 the Arco is more likely to survive a Space Marines shooting.

Can they kill a space marine is the next question. The Eviscerator is a devastating weapon, Brutal means your only going to get countered with crits so you are going to score at least 10 wounds unless your opponent gets very lucky. You also aren't going to get a lot of parries.

The Arco has more attacks, 5 in total and hits on 3's which means its a 79% chance of getting at least 3 hits and a 46% chance of getting 4 hits. In fact with the ceaseless rule the chances increase to 92% and 62% respectively. If 4 wounds did get through it would cause 12 wounds, compared to 10 from the Repenta.

So both wouldn't be able to bring down a Space Marine in a single round of combat, but both would cause a large amount of wounds, with the Arco coming out better in all aspects to the Repenta, but I can't help but feel that the lack of Mission support would put you into trouble.


Total Kill Team

For me I would pick a pure Kill Team of sisters. The tactical flexibility, weapon options and durability of the sisters make them very tactical, which is what is needed in Kill Team 2021. If I needed additional to pick other options I would go for the Repenta, not being able to action mission objectives and limiting yourselves to 5 members that can do that will leave you open to targeted tactics. Take out the 5 and they cant action the objectives.


Strategic Ploys

The ploys for the sisters are in effect very simple ones. One helps you hit, one helps you save as long as one of your other dice is a crit. You'll find that for a few turns your simply taking both as it helps dish out hurt and stop hurt from happening. They are nice little strats.

The other is for Arco units and is the Extremis Trigger Word. This makes Arco faster and more hurty especially with Leathal 5+. You mix that with their 5 attacks and your going to be in a world of hurt. Sadly you can only play this once per game.


Tactical Ploys

Again we have some pretty tasty options, even though you only get 3 choices. Divine Intervention is pretty good, allowing you to ignore the damage of 1 attack die. That killing blow from a power, not likely pal. This makes the already tough units even MORE difficult to remove, as long as you have some CP left that is.

You'll find yourself using Storm when you mainly have a heavy flamer in your team. The ability to move and shoot with it cannot be under estimated.

The final one, Penance Through Death, lets a Arco or Repentia unit strike with one attack before being removed as a casualty. Not so great for Arco's, but the heavy handed Repentia could get a final killing blow against a lot of different enemy unit types.


The Sisters Kill Team is one of the stronger ones I've come across so far in this new Kill Team. If your starting out I would highly recommend a box of sisters as your starting set. They are highly adaptable, can take a punch, can give out a punch and have some great flexible tactical options and room for model expansion. I'm looking forward to see what Games Workshop bring out for these in the upcoming year.


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