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Interrogator part 4 review.

Interrogator series is back on WarhammerTV so it's time for me to have a look at the latest episode of this 40k Noir series.

Jurgan Interrogator

Be aware there might be spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched this episode just yet I would advise you do so now.

We begin where Ep3 left off with our 'detective' duo, Jurgen and Baldur, being held at gunpoint by the man we saw in the first episode, with a couple of additional henchmen as backup. We wonder how the duo will get out of their predicament, but this doesn't happen, instead, we are introduced to a Primus Medicare called Aedo.

Adeo, Primus Medicare

Now it's here that my geek fandom kinda glitched and my brain yelled WRONG, which it shouldn't do, as mistakes are inevitable, but a Primus Medicare is a high-ranking Space Marine Apothecarie from the times of the Great Crusade/Horus Heresy. Aedo should be a Chiurgeon from the Officio Medicae, now I should be wisping to my 'it doesn't matter', but when a program is made by Games Workshop, about the lore and game THEY wrote about, they should be getting these little details right.

Aedo is the drug lord of this sector and from what we glean from their conversation it sounds like Jurgan owes the lord big. Aedo insists that our dynamic twosome take a look around his processing plant, which Jurgan doesn't seem too reluctant to do, but Baldur believes it's a waste of time.

We see how the Psych drug Jurgan is taking is made, by the vapourised dust of other humans, mainly those that can no longer pay Aedo. To our surprise, Jurgan confesses (in monologue) that he already knows how this pill is made, and most of the disgust at what is being witnessed is left for Baldur to gasp at.


This leads to a strange hamfisted fight between our two protagonists, a very slow, hamfisted fight. (Its no They Live) which is stopped by Aedo as he has a plan for Jurgan, being an Interrogator of the Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition.

Jurgan and Buldur punching each other

This is not something folks are supposed to know about Jurgan, and we are introduced to another Ex Character from the Inquisitors Retinue, Malon, who seems to be an Ex Curator of the Adeptus Administratum. We have a flashback, but all this tells us is that Malon is a cold calculator, with not much emotion.

Adeo's request is to be simply owed a favour, which will be collected in a later episode (we think) and compensates Jurgan with a single tablet of the drug. This is quite a nice set piece, as Jurgan takes the drug while the machine fries another helpless victim in the background, making you think that Jurgan really doesn't care, and an addict is an addict.

Malon from Interrogator

We end with Malon giving Jurgan a map and telling him to check out a particular set of coordinates, which will now give us the premise for next time's video.

So....what did I think.

The Interrogator series as a whole is a very VERY slow plod. I am forever waiting for some action to start and it never seems to. It's like it should be a fast car with 6 gears, but is driven by an old man that refuses to get out of 3rd. It's still very boring, and I'm not sure if that's because it takes like over a month sometimes for an episode to come out, which is then only 14mins, or if it just is generally poorly put together.

While the episode was interesting to see how the drug was made, it's not very shocking for folks that are already into Warhammer 40k, and let's be fair, the only people watching this will be people already into 40k.

This type of material needs to be put out on youtube to get people into the hobby, it's just not very interesting for those that already are.


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