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I'm not liking Armour of Contempt

This weekend has been great for me in terms of gaming. I actually got 4 games in 5 days (3 40k and 1 kill team). My 40k games were all against space marines with my Imperial Guard force, and I must say, i really im hating Armour of Contempt.

For those that might not know Armour of Contempt is a new universal rule that is mainly applied to forces that have Power Armour (Marines, Chaos, Sisters). The balance datasheet can be found here.

This rule worsens the AP of an incoming attack by 1. So anything that has a -1 to it, is reduced to 0AP, anything with -3AP becomes -2AP etc. Now, I wouldn't be so against this rule if for example, you didn't get it if you were getting the benefits of cover as an example. Or we got a points to increase to offset this increased invulnerability. But alas we don't. And when marines are in cover, there isn't much point to -1AP at all.

Don't forget that this rule affects Adeptus Astartes models, so the tanks are getting this buff too.

I was playing guard in all my games this week (except the Kill Team one) and found my units being rinsed off the board rapidly, while not being able to make much of a dent in the marine lines even with Hammer of the Emperor new rule.

I know folks were complaining that space marines might be too easy to kill nowadays, but don't forget, a good marine build can be utterly devastating when shooting, back that up with a rule that stops me hurting them back, you get a very unbalanced game.

I'm starting to have serious doubts that GW does ANY playtesting of rules before releasing them, or are they just using playtesters that are biased towards Power Armour?

Shame was excited to be able to play Eldar properly against marines once again.


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