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How many attacks can a Bloody Rose Canoness have?

The Order of the Bloody Rose has an update in the upcoming War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone book and it got me thinking "how effective can a Cannonnes from the Order of the Bloody Rose Be?"

So I got my percentage calculator out and got to work on how psychotic I can make the prime HQ choice of the Sisters of Battle.

So lets begin, we have our Canoness and we are taking order of the Bloody Rose, so on the turn we charge, get charged or Heroicly Intervene are getting a +1 attack.

  • Count so far: 5

Now we add a Warlord Trait. The Warlord trait Blazing Ire gives the Canoness +1A and allows the Canoness to charge in the same turn she advances. So it's a pretty good warlord trait to take.

  • Count so far: 6

Adding a Relic to the Canoness means that once again we are taking from the Bloody Rose Pool. The Relic Beneficence replaces a chainsword the character has. This chainsword adds 3 attacks AND if there are 6 or more enemy models within 3 inch, you add an extra D3. Potentially giving you an extra 6 attacks.

  • Count so far: 9 (could be up to 12)

Unfortunately, there aren't any blessings of the faithful that add additional attacks to the model, so I will be ignoring those (for now).

So far so good. Possible 12 attacks in the first round of combat. Now if we picked the sacred rite of 'The Passion' (number 5) then we will be giving the Canoness the ability to score an additional hit on a 6.

If we assume that on average the Canoness is going to get 9 attacks, on average your going to get at least 2 six's 80% of the time. Bear in mind that you re-roll 1's with a Canoness (her ability is not restricted) Meaning that you should get about 11 hits on the charge with a Canoness, that my friend is more than Ork Warbrosses on Crack.

  • Count so far: 11est (could be up to 15est)


The Damage Output

But how much damage does this method put out against your opponent? Let's compare our choices and look at how many Intercessor Space Marines you could finish off.

Lets say our Canoness wades into a squad of 5 Marines, meaning she will get her a minimum of 9 Attacks. On average she will kill between 2-3 of them because of how many wounds they have. If she waded into a squad of 10 Orks and shall we say she has managed to get 11 attacks, on average she would take out between 6-7 models.

Considering the number of attacks she dishes out the impact can be a little minimal. Don't get me wrong if she has a bit of back up you could probs say goodbye to the Orks maybe but the Marines are probably going to have a model left on the field. (Using a standard Blood Rose Sisters of Battle Unit as support).

The Alternative

So one way to make sure your multi-attack Canoness can murder some Space Marines (they have turned traitor, nothing we can do) would be to spend some points/power on making her a bit more of a badass weapon wise.

The Blessed Blade would be your choice for this as it is by far the most powerful weapon the Canoness can field. Still take the same Warlord trait as the extra attack is what we are after and spend points/power on and take Rapturious Blows.

This increases the Blessed Blade to +3 strength and 3 damage. Combined with the Bloody rose ability on the first round of combat the weapon is -4. It also (for a Miricle Dice) allows wound rolls of 6 to cause a Mortal Wound, this can apply to the Canoness and any unit within Miricle range.

So what damage can this combination do to a Marine unit? We are going to assume that 'The Passion' has still been chosen to get those extra attacks in so hit rolls of 6 are getting extra hits and it's the first round of combat.

On average she is going to kill between 4-5 space marines with this weapon combination. So she could take out that 5 man marine team, the downside being is that she would only take out the same amount of Orks.

If we activated her Miricle power (yes the Aura does say Character) Then she is pretty much bob on to kill the Space Marine squad in front of her, but you would only get maybe 1 or 2 extra Orks in the process. If we gave the other loadout (the one with Beneficence) Rapturious Blows then surprisingly the averages don't really change against the marines, but you are looking at killing 7-8 Orks and if you managed to get some additional attacks then you could reduce that Ork Squad to a man.

Well, I hope you've had fun letting me indulge in a bit of rambling for a bit. I may look into other units that can have a few crazy combinations. If you have any let me know in the comments below.


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