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Has GW bowed down to Peer Pressure over the Autarch?

As of writing, GW has put out a brand new datasheet for a model that only came out weeks ago in the Aeldari Codex.

That model of course is the Eldar HQ unit the Autarch.

This model has recently had an update in the form of the plastic model you can get from the Eldritch Omens boxed set but online and in various forum groups, this model's codex datasheet has been causing quite a stir.

And its primarily to do with the Codex's front cover

Image of red suited Aeldari Autarch with wings and rocket launcher

The kit of the Autarch does allow this combination above, but the Codex DOESNT allow for this combination, which has meant that people have taken to their social media streams in force.

Every time GW has published anything Eldar and have used this picture or similar there has been tons of comments talking about how this loadout.....is not allowed in the codex.

Now working in a marketing company for my day job I understand that some things will get delayed and/or changed before it goes out. Good chance that the load out was originally allowed when the art was commissioned, but playtesting put a kybosh to the combination. Probably it was a bit of a broken combination.

Now, (possibly due to peer pressure) GW has backtracked and decided that the above combination is now allowed in games.

Check out the rules here

So do you guys think GW bowing to peer pressure is a good idea??

Let me know below


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