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Hammer and bolter? Will it see the light of day?

Commissar yarrick looks upon a hoard of Orks

Games workshop has just released some photos for a future animated project called Hammer and Bolter.

This is an anthology collection of roughly 6 stories revolving around different aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. One of which is apparently going to have commissar Yorick.

Now the reason for the title of this news post being ‘will it see the light of day?‘ Is games workshops history with animated properties is sketchy at best.

Sisters of Battle stalking a corridor

Now way way back in the day (yes I am old) games workshop put out some information regarding a animated series based on the blood Angels comic book story blood quest.

We got to see some animated heads and even an animated heavy bolter, but this never came to pass. So forgive me if I am wrong but games workshop history with animated properties isn’t the greatest.

Let’s be fair we would all love to forget the Ultramarine movie.

Inquisitor aiming his bolt hun Warhammer 40k

Now games workshop have been snapping up various animated talents from YouTube. Even going as far as to have these content creators remove their original posts from YouTube and putting them on the Warhammer community page.

Are games workshop employing these people because they are not getting much fruit, as it were, out of their current state of affairs? Let’s not forget that Angels of Death was supposed to have been released in 2019.

Now don’t get me wrong I am treating Games Workshop very harshly here due to the sins of their past. The photos they have shared do come across as being quite high quality anime style cartoons and if I’m honest I’m especially excited about the one that may star Commissar Yarrick.

Let’s hope Games Workshop do not go down the usual route of ‘this is for kids’ and sticks with an adult animation style, possibly similar to what happened with Halo Legends not long ago.


All in all it could be a very exciting/disappointing time for Warhammer fans.


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