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GW confirms Aeldari Rumours

So Games Workshop are confirming some of the rumours we have come across in our travels (see Article) and have given us some deep dives into the upcoming Eldar (Aeldari) codex.

So im going to have a little break down of what we currently have confirmed by GW themselves.

Shuriken Catapults are now 18inch and -1

The standard Shuriken Catapult has long needed a overhaul, in fact (in my opinion) its needed an overhaul since 3rd edition 40k.

In 2nd Edition, the Catapult was a sustained fire weapon (which meant 1-3 shots, or a Jam) and was 24inch! and yes you heard that right 24 INCH. The Catapult was downgraded to a 12inch weapon as soon as the 3rd edition came out, which meant Guardian and Dire Avengers had to get in real close to an opponent and do some damage, or they were effectively caught with their pants down. The Dire Avenger version did get an upgrade to 18inch but was still a little lacklustre in the old punch department (2nd Ed was -2 to save).

A shift to 18inch and at least a -1 to save (-2 on the Avengers and 3 shots) means the Catapult will be a good standard weapon that will be able to dish out a punch to a lot of rank and file troopers.

Dire Avengers are Elite

This one stings a little if im honest. I play Biel Tan and like to sometimes field a pure Aspect Warrior army, moving them into elite only leaves two options for a pure Craftworld force currently. Guardians and Ranger (rangers are confirmed to be troops). It also means that no Aspect Warrior Squad will have objective secured straight off the bat. The GW article does hint that Asurmen will give them objective secured but it still might mean we have to spend CP on odd detachments to get the force we would normally field.

Durability All around

One of the big problems with an Aeldari force is the 'Glass Cannon' tactics many players have to incorporate into their battle plan. Eldar forces have always been able to hit hard, but (with the exception of Wraithguard) couldn't really take a punch. This was even more evident in 8th editions with the modifiers to AP running everywhere and was made WORSE in 9th when you had to hold objectives for a turn to score points.

Now they seem to be receiving some buffs to durability, Fire Dragons are now T4 (although I'm not sure why on that one), Guardians are getting a 4+ save (upgraded from Mech has they....if you get that reference you are old) aspect warriors are to get a 5+ invun and Storm Guardians are to receive a new platform.

As you can see it will mean you can tank a few more hits then you use to.

Granted we haven't seen the points costs for our units, and when the Orks got moved to T5 they also seemed to be shy several units in a 2000pt game.

Bigger Punch

When the Tau started showing off their new guns and equipment everybody started to panic, but I use to say to them Wait till you see what the Eldar bring to the Table. The Aeldari have always had some of the strongest weapons of the game (how many D-Weapons in 6th ed??) and the new codex seems to be going back to that formula.

If you checked out our Eldritch Omens unboxing you will have noticed new rules on the Autarch's weapons. Especially the upgraded Fusion Gun and Death Spinner.

As you can see these weapons are no laughing matter, again this heightened destruction is going to come at a points cost, and I can see Asuryani armies getting smaller on the table.

This could be a double-edged sword for us players, as we think we are now getting tougher in the game, but each loss is felt even more keenly than it did before.

Only time will tell what is ultimately in store for Asuryani players, I seriously cant wait for this codex to drop.


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