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Genestealer Cult Points Leak, whats the difference?

Now don't get me wrong folks, with some leaks I tend not to believe them. This is mainly due to people wanting to capitalise before the big event..... But if its correct then I wanted to have a look at the difference of what 'supposed' to be coming out way.

So here is a picture of the leak and under that a picture of the current points cost.

Now as you can see their are some glaring errors. 55pts per model for Neophyte Hybrids, 222pts for a Biophagus, which does lean me more towards this document being faked, but we have had glaring errors by Games Workshop before on chapter approved points values.

So I’m going to list potential changes below and im going to look at it from a min squad size saving rather than individual models. Now you can’t see all the listings on the image above, so I will do my best with the information available.

Abomiant: -15

Patriarch: -25

Neophyte Hybrids, 10 men: -10 (assuming its 5pts a model, not 55)

Aberrants, 5 men: -65

Sanctus: -20

Atalan Jackals (4 including quadbik): -25

So with these changes we could see some potential shifts in ‘the meta’ (a word I personally hate) and have the ability to use hard hitting units that can hold objectives. And not b e to bothered about large casualties.

let me know what you think


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